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MiTeC Network Scanner 5.5.0

By: MiTeC (Freeware)

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MiTeC Network Scanner is a hearty, multi-strung Port, IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner with many propelled highlights planned for both framework executives and general clients who are keen on PC security.

MiTeC Network Scanner performs ping clears, filters for opened TCP and UDP ports, asset offers, and administrations. For gadgets with SNMP ability, accessible interfaces are distinguished, and fundamental properties showed. It likewise permits you to alter results, spare/load results to/from CSV and print organize gadget list, and any information in any area can be sent out to CSV. It can likewise resolve hostnames and auto-recognize your neighborhood IP go.

MiTeC Network Scanner Features:

  • System neighborhood
  • Ping
  • IP Address
  • Macintosh Address (even across switches)
  • Macintosh Vendor
  • Gadget name
  • adget area/workgroup
  • Logged client
  • Working framework
  • Profiles, Model and CPU
  • Framework time and Up time
  • Gadget depiction
  • Type banners (SQL worker, Domain regulator and so forth.)
  • Far off gadget date and time
  • Listening TCP and UDP ports and SNMP administrations.
  • Introduced administrations on gadget
  • Mutual assets
  • Meetings
  • Open Files
  • Running procedures
  • Terminal meetings
  • Occasion Log
  • Introduced programming
  • SAM accounts
  • WMI and SNMP Queries
  • Amazing WhoIs customer
MiTeC Network Scanner
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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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