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Netcut helps you to know who and how many people connected to your network in your wireless or wired connection. It also provides you with details such as IP/Mac address, data transfer usage, signal quality, uptime, and several other metrics of connected user.

This is really a great software which provides you all the important information of your network in only one click. It also shows you how other users are impacting your local home or work network. For this, you need to scan specific IP address of your choice to know it.

It is a very lightweight package software. When you start installing it, it will install two distinct applications on your PC. After brief installation is done, you can access the netcut not from a standalone app, but directly from your web browser.

By using it you can secure your network from spoof attack. It has many functionality such as network speed control, detect unknown (guest) users on the network, allow/disallow network access to selected device with simple click & drag, schedule network access to specific device/user and so on.

Its main features are:
  • Scan and control discovered devices on your local network
  • Quickly gain valuable networking insight
  • Spot unknown (guest) users on your network
  • Schedule user on/offline access to the network
  • Full Windows tablet support
  • Available on modern versions of Windows (Win 7 and newer)
  • 100% free access to basic tools
  • Pro membership for advanced users – $1 a month, or $9.99 a year.
  • In Pro tool you ca cut off all internet connection with one click
  • Pro tool – NetLock. Lock your Wi-Fi network so that no other NEW users can join it.
  • Pro tool – View historical records for each detected device

Though NetCut has old quality interface, it is really easy to use. As it has a user-friendly interface anyone can use it.

Note: It is a demo version. So all the functionality are limited.

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