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CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator

CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator

By: CodeTwo (Freeware)

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What is a QR Code

QR Codes (also known as Quick Response Codes) are becoming increasingly common. Such two dimensional codes, made up of square dots, are often used in different areas of life. You can find them in advertisements, posters, all sorts of product boxes, directories, business cards, and even email signatures.

QR Codes can include text, links (to websites, videos or files), email addresses, phone numbers, vcards that automatically update your contacts on your PC or mobile phone, and more.

You’re wondering how to decode a QR code? You can search it with your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Ios or Blackberry, which are fitted with additional QR Code scanning tools. You may want to try out devices like the Barcode Scanner or the Red Laser. When you do not have a mobile device or need to check a barcode on your Mac, simply use the CodeTwo QR Code Windows Reader.

How this program works

CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader is a free device that enables you to easily scan any QR Code on your computer, whether it’s part of a website, email, banner or paper. Only run the program and hit the top menu on the screen.

Main features:

  • Windows QR Code Reader
  • Decodes QR Codes directly from images on your Computer screen
  • Decodes the QR codes in the archives
  • Save QR Code information to a computer
  • Free tool


Technical Details

Title: CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator
File Name: C2QRCodeDesktopReaderGeneratorSetup.exe
File Size: 7.74 MB
Requirements: Windows (All Version)
Date Added: April 6, 2020
License: Freeware
Author: CodeTwo

Other Versions

Sorry, we have only one version for this software.