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Quantum GIS 3.12.1

By: Gary Sherman (Free)

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To make new information on the guide or refreshing a current one, one of the applications that can be adequately utilized is Quantum GIS. It empowers you to have the Geographic Information System (GIS), i.e., the entrance to all the data about the current parts of the maps.

Raster direct survey, vector projection, intuitive investigation of spots with maps, altering and auditing is a portion of the alternatives that this application accommodates you. Utilizing these highlights, you can without much of a stretch change the guide as per the new data you have.

Various sorts of maps are upheld by this application, including Post GIS or SpatiaLite. You can alter every one of these arrangements by including naming or bookmarking some specific spot. Indeed, even the vector highlights of the guide can be balanced as well.

One of the restrictions is that the interface is somewhat packed, which makes it hard for the tenderfoots of this application to locate the correct device for a particular need. Nonetheless, after you become accustomed to its highlights and interface, Quantum GIS is a quite decent application to utilize that has the answer for all your mapping needs.

Quantum GIS accompanies incredible highlights and functionalities to outfit you with all the instruments important to alter or make the maps as per your necessities.

Quantum GIS
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