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RedCrab The Calculator 7.15.0

By: RedCrab (Freeware)

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RedCrab is a number cruncher with a full-screen supervisor that can perform exact specialized, logical and money related estimations.

The numerical articulations are not composed in a run of the mill order line however can be entered in the supervisor window. RedCrab shows the outcome either under or close to the articulation. The dealing with is simpler than standard mini-computers.

It underpins the section of complex logarithmic conditions with parts, square roots, examples, and so on for specialized and logical applications.

You can compose a few numerical capacities in the same spot. Results from one articulation can be easily extended to the following undertaking, and you can likewise spare and burden equations to make a recipe library.

Complex undertakings can be clarified outwardly in RedCrab The Calculator by bringing in drawings in bitmap design.

RedCrab The Calculator Features:

  • Free position of numerical equations in normal documentation
  • Numerics arrangements of results
  • Decimal fixed point, gliding point, example
  • Hexadecimal, octal or twofold
  • Date-and time design
  • Alternatively with text
  • 14 Accuracy digits
  • Print chosen regions of the worksheet
  • Supplement of text boxes
  • Tooltips and online assistance in German and English
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RedCrab The Calculator
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