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PICOLAY 2020-09-13

By: Heribert Cypionka (Freeware)

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PICOLAY is a free illustrations utility that includes the capacity to perform different photograph improvements just as allowing you to make 3D multi dimensional images.

For all the utilizations included with PICOLAY, it stays lightweight, yet the little size is not the slightest bit a sign of its capacity. You can improve your photographs, produce MPO documents (takes into consideration any number of JPG records to be spared in a MPO document, however the most widely recognized use is for stereoscopic pictures), GIFs, and slideshows all determined by means of consolidated piles of pictures.

Once propelled you are welcomed with a shortsighted interface comprising of three windows; one for the focal capacities – picture list, stack tasks and choices, the second is the chosen picture view, and third is the picture result. We saw that a portion of the order windows, similar to the one for sparing your work, were in German however they were promptly translatable – Nein = no, Ja = yes for example. It incorporates a manual which is accessible at the creator’s site. Furthermore, with such a large number of highlights it is a smart thought to investigate.

PICOLAY licenses you to:

  • Peruse pictures of a rundown at consistent position and size
  • Show pictures of a rundown as a slideshow
  • Produce an enlivened gif record
  • Cut the edges of one or all pictures in the rundown
  • Resize one or all pictures of the rundown
  • Rename pictures
  • Change the record arrangement of pictures
  • Erase chosen pictures from plate
  • Include or subtract pictures from each other
  • Convert shaded pictures to dark scale
  • Increment sharpness
  • Increment differentiate
  • Increment shading immersion
  • Change gamma esteem
  • Change splendor
  • Include or subtract counterbalance or rate to the red, green or blue channel
  • Run a middle channel more than one or all pictures of your rundown
  • Turn pictures by any point
  • Flip pictures on a level plane or vertically
  • Create negatives of pictures
  • Select sharp regions from a picture stack (center stacking)
  • Select territories with an objective shading from your stack
  • Normal pictures
  • Produce and addition middle of the road pictures between the pictures of your stack
  • Align dislodged pictures of your stack concerning x-and y-positions
  • Fit brilliance of the pictures in your stack
  • Set white equalization of one or all pictures in your stack
  • Set a smooth foundation (level field) by expulsion of upsetting things from your stack
  • Partition RGB estimations of pictures by those of the main picture in the rundown
  • Create a profundity guide of your stack
  • Create 3D pictures from profundity map and stacked picture.
  • Create red-cyan pictures for anaglyph goggles
  • Create (2 or 4) separate pictures for a 3D perception with a crossed eyes equal
  • Create spatial projections of stacked items from any point
  • Produce 3D image sees that permit secured auxiliary detail show
  • Produce shaking and pivoting activitys in 3D
  • Produce 3D pictures for characterized perception separations (seeing edges)
  • Let 3D pictures show up before or behind the screen
  • Paint on pictures
  • Obscure upsetting subtleties
  • Clone (= duplicate) portions of a picture to different zones
  • Clone zones of unique pictures to the stacked outcome (counting profundity map data)
  • Compose message on pictures on a level plane or vertically with any text style and size
  • Draw a scale bar (square shape with any shading and size)


  • Reestablish the Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10
  • The most effective method to Take Screenshots in Windows 10
  • Photographs App Opens Blurry Images on Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Won’t Open JPG or JPEG Files
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