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PhotoFiltre Studio Download

Publisher: Antonio Da Cruz

PhotoFiltre Studio is a photo retouching software that will let the users do general or professional adjustments to a picture & apply a huge number of filters to the picture. The application is easy & efficient & people will be able to learn using the tool very easily.

PhotoFiltre Studio Interface

Features of PhotoFiltre Studio

The filters

This program has a huge number of filters by which beginners will be allowed to make themselves comfortable with the graphics universe. In this software, users will get digital adjustment tools such as brightness, contrast, highlight, saturation, etc. Users will also get some aesthetic & unique filters as well as effects in this program.

Vectorial selection

The program works with 2 different vectorial selections. Automatic shapes like circles, rectangles, triangles, etc are in the 1st type. Lasso & polygon are in the 2nd type. 


This program provides modern brushes in various shapes. It has a rainbow function which will allow the users to make a gradient beside the line. Other than these, 3D effects, pastels & even charcoals are also in this software.

Auto Stoke & Fill

With this function, users can fill with different colors & draw stokes automatically.

Eraser Option

In the hand-, paint area, this option is very useful. Users can erase the area that they don’t wanna keep with this function.

PhotoMasque Module

With this feature, people can be able to make professional effects of contour as well as transparency in the photos. Users can also create their personal masks.

System Requirements for PhotoFiltre Studio

Some Pros of PhotoFiltre Studio

Some Cons of PhotoFiltre Studio

Some FAQ’s of PhotoFiltre Studio

Is PhotoFiltre Studio free?

Yes, this tool is completely free. It will provide the users with a number of great filters without any charge.

Is PhotoFiltre Studio safe?

Yeah, this program is totally safe for your Windows device. It offers a huge range of editing functions and doesn’t harm the computer at all. To stay away from any issues, you need to download this software from a trusted website. You can download it from our website.

Can I use PhotoFiltre Studio without installing it?

Yes, this application can be used without any kind of installation procedure. You can use this program from the external drive, cloud folder, Or local folder.

What are the alternatives to PhotoFiltre Studio?

There are some alternatives to PhotoFiltre Studio. These are Snapseed,  PhotoFlare, PhotoShop Express, LightZone, etc.

Our Take on it

We have used this software, so it won’t be wrong saying that PhotoFiltre Studio is an amazing photo editing software. It offers users some great editing functions. Besides that, it is totally free as well as secure also. It is lightweight, so it won’t take up much space in your device. You can install this program without any tension.

Should I download it?

If you are looking for software for editing images efficiently then PhotoFiltre Studio is a great choice for you. With this application, you can edit your picture according to your test & you don’t need to face any issues. So, install this tool on your PC & make your pictures better.

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