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Publisher: RapidVPN

Just like the name of this VPN, it does offer quite rapid speed and performance. Even some features put many expensive VPNs to shame as well. However, still you might be thinking about whether RapidVPN is really worth it or not.

So, let’s start with the review.

RapidVPN Features

Here are the full features of this app-

Multiple Protocols to Choose

There are very few VPNs left that offer IP plans according to different protocols. However, here, RapidVPN stands out compared to the rest of other VPNs. It has a total of six packages for its five different IP protocols.

Because of that, you have full freedom to choose any of them according to your taste and requirements.

Full Anonymity & Limitless Traffic

There is no hidden registration or agreement, no activity log storage, and no suspicious movement at all. Just pure and simple internet browsing with 100% protection of your online footprint.

RapidVPN Download for your PC

Not only that, but you also get to enjoy various other benefits such as up to 99 simultaneous connections, and unlimited traffic. So, you’re not bound by a monthly limit for your downloads.

Untouched Control

With the Port Forwarding feature, the user can enjoy a seamless connection in any part of the world. Upon selecting the option, any user can access their Windows PC or any supported device from all around the world.

RapidVPN Pricing

Before you head on to the pricing, you should know there are a total of Six VPN plans! So, you get quite the flexibility while choosing your preferred plans. With that said, here are the VPN plans-

VPN PlansFeaturesPrice
USA VPN IPAmerican Static IP 12 states$7.9/mo
Torrent VPNP2P VPN 10Gbps Network Speed  $5.9/mo
Europe VPNEuropean Static IP 5 Countries$5.9/mo
Dynamic VPN17 Different Locations Unlimited Server Switching$7.2/mo
Canada VPNCanadian Static IP Montreal, QC$7.2/mo
Lifetime VPNLifetime Dedicated IP 100% Fresh and Unused IP  $244

So, choose any of the plans you like!




Is it Free?

No, it is not free and it has several pricing options for its VPN plans. However, you can request a free trial if you want to use it without paying anything.

What is RapidVPN?

RapidVPN is a VPN service that provides all-around security protocols and IP plans. Users can enjoy perfect protection for their online activities.

What is a residential VPN?

A residential VPN is a network that reroutes online traffic using an unknown IP address.


So, in the end, the question remains whether RapidVPN is worth it or not. Well, to tell you the truth, this VPN is a good VPN overall. Because of its wide range of internet protocols, the VPN can be easily recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy the experience.

If you want to try it out, feel free to download the trial version now!

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