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Publisher: Cockos Incorporated

Reaper is a complete Digital Audio Production software for windows that will offer you a full multitrack audio & MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and also mastering toolset. This software can be comprehensively extended, scripted, and modified. It also supports a huge range of hardware, digital formats & plug-ins.


Video Editing

Though this program is not a professional video editor you can use this program to cut and trim videos and can edit or replace the audio within the video. Some common video effects are also available in it.

Customer Service

It will offer you decent customer support via email and youtube tutorials that are available to follow. You’ll also be offered a user forum for asking questions and browsing. You will be given 24 hours support so it will be easy to get grips with reapers.

Easy Interface

This software is so easy to use. The interface of this program is very intuitive so that everyone can easily deal with it. The users also can go ahead and customize their likings to improve the navigation with this software. It is so comfortable and flexible.

Build-Up Own Sound library

This extremely great software can read over 25 different file types and export them into 15 files types so it’ll be very easy to build up your own sound library. It has great tools that make it perfect for editing the audio and creating new sounds.

Control Surface Support

REAPER for Windows has built-in support for :

Is REAPER For Windows Safe?

Yes, REAPER For Windows is completely safe. The detection of REAPER For Windows is a false positive.

Pros & Cons of REAPER For Windows



If you are a music lover, you must love REAPER. To install this amazing software if you want better sound and you can also create your own sound theme.

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