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Recuva 1.53.1087

Publisher: Piriform

RECUVA is a freeware utility for restore files inadvertently deleted from your computer, which is used to restore a Windows file. This covers files taken away from the recycle bin and images and other files removed from the digital cameras or MP3 players due to user error. It will even return bugs, crashes, and viruses that have been removed.

Deleted a significant file accidentally? Lost computer crash files? No problem – Recuva restores files, recycles bin, MP3 or digital camera card from your Windows machine!

You can retrieve photographs, lyrics, documents, interviews, emails or any other type of file that you lost. And it is recoverable from all rewritables: memory cards, external hard discs, USB sticks, etc.

In contrast to most file recovery tools, Recuva can retrieve files from corrupt or newly formatted drives. Greater flexibility means more recovery opportunities.

It has an advanced deep scanning mode that scans your drives to discover traces of deleted files. for people who are finding difficult files.

You want a file gone for good sometimes. The secure overwriting feature of the app uses standard industrial and military removal procedures to ensure that your files remain erased.

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