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Replay Video Capture

Publisher: Applian Technologies

Replay Video Capture for Windows is the only screen capture software of its type that will allow you to screen capture videos using  Background Mode. Replay Video Capture is not like the other screen video capture programs. It is designed for the highest quality video output.


Very Easy to Record Streaming Video

It is very easy to use Replay Video Capture. You just have to click the Get Video button & the video window will be automatically detected on your screen. Then click Record to start, stop to end & pause to resume. It’s that simple.

High-Quality Recordings & Small Screen Capture Video Files

You will get amazing Video quality or compact portable files with this Replay Video Capture. This app is specially designed for this task, as it uses special high-quality MPEG-2 & WMV codecs that will give exact-looking recordings of videos without freezing up your computer.

Game recordings

While playing games in windowed mode Replay Video Capture can record your game with just a little or no impact on game quality & frame rates. The recordings of the full HD game (1920×1080) are better than the recording of full-screen mode even on the computers which don’t use video cards.

Silent operation(Thumb Mode)

This feature is another unique feature of Replay Video Capture. When you will enable the Thumb Mode, you will run the program from a USB drive without any need for other installation.

Background Recordings

It is also a great feature which is introduced by Replay Video Capture. This feature will allow you to capture videos from your screen in the background so that the recording video does not need to be visible. You’ll also be allowed to use the computer screen to do other things while capturing videos.

Quickly Record or Capture Youtube Videos

With this program, you can easily record Youtube Videos in the choice of the selected area just in one press & save them as HD Video Format.

Is Replay Video Capture For Windows safe?

Yes, Replay Video Capture For Windows is Safe & 100% legal worldwide. This Software doesn’t circumvent DRM or any copy protection technology.

Pros & Cons of Replay Video Capture for Windows



Replay Video Capture is the best way to create Production Quality Video recordings from hard-to-record sources. You should use it if you want to record online videos or anything else playing on your screen.


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