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Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 Download

Publisher: GameTop

Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 is basically a simulation game that will serve as your source of entertainment. The game is mainly about truck control. The truck is a Soviet truck. In the game, you have to control the truck with your best that’s why the game is very exciting. The game has some other features for which it has gained a lot of popularity.

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Very Realistic

Have you ever driven a truck in reality or want to enjoy the feeling of truck driving? then you can try this game. Because this game is made in such a realistic way that it will give you the feeling of driving a truck virtually.

Various Moods

A special feature of the game is that it has 6 modes and each one is different. In each mode, you will have different tasks and you have to complete them that’s why the game is more enjoyable to play.

Developed Graphics

The graphics of the game are so advanced that you don’t have to lag behind due to any graphics-related issues while playing. It will give you Crystal Clear scenery. And the color combination is very good.

Play with Music

The differentiating feature of the game is that you can play your favorite music while driving in this game. It is charming as well.

Difficult Path

Your driving route will never easily be it at night on rainy days or on muddy roads. Occasionally there may be potholes on the road. That means many obstacles will be added to your journey. You have to overcome every obstacle to win. All this makes the game interesting.

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System Requirements for Russian Car Driver ZIL 130

FAQ’s about Russian Car Driver ZIL 130

Why show errors while loading games?

Sometimes games may show you errors while loading but this is not a problem with the games themselves or caused by any problem with your internet. Basically, this happens when you load the game and keep another app open in the background at the same time. If you have to keep any other apps in the background while loading the games then you will not face this kind of problem anymore.

Why can’t I enjoy the audio feature while playing?

Well, if you want to enjoy this feature, you need to manage an external microphone. Also must manage audio recording software that supports USB. If you give this much effort, you can enjoy this feature.

 How To Install Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 App On Windows PC?

The prerequisite for downloading these games is that you need to download a powerful and reliable emulator. When you finish downloading the reliable emulator on your PC then go to Google and search Russian Car Driver ZIL 130. Google will show you the download option from there, download it safely. After completing all the download formalities, open and play.

What are the alternative games of Russian Car Driver ZIL 130?

The alternative games of Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 are Goodgame Big farm, Cartoon hot racer 3D, City Racing, Moto Racing 2, etc. They are almost the same games and provide the same experience. 

Is it online games?

Yes, it is a completely online game. You cannot play these game games offline. An Internet connection is mandatory for playing these games. 

Our Verdict

Russian Car Driver ZIL 130 is one of the best games among racing-type virtual games. It will give a very realistic experience and its truck speed is very awesome as well as perfect work graphics. Personally, I’ve received a great experience after playing these games and I enjoy them a lot. Especially the music played while playing games is very impressive.


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