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Publisher: Sage Intacct, Inc.

Sage Intacct is an excellent cloud software for financial management. It generally provides services to fast-growing startups or well-known public companies for better financial management. This software closely aims at acquiring the financial efficiency of any business. This is not a common software for economic growth. Rather it deals with the real-time scenario of any company. This is your digital assistant to fulfill your financial goals.

In this article you will get to know the details of Sage Intacct, why it is used, what are its capabilities, its pricing, etc. So, before you waste any time, let’s deep dive!

Sage Intacct

Key Features of Sage Intacct

Real-time Financial Visibility

One of Sage Intacct’s most notable features is its ability to provide real-time insights into your financial data. This means you can make informed decisions quickly, based on the most up-to-date information available.

Real-time Data Insight of Sage Intacct


Ability of Extension

This software is designed to grow your business. Whether you are running a small startup or a large enterprise, the software adapts to your specific needs. Again, it removes the need for frequent system changes as your organization grows.

You can create net cash flow, balance sheet, and income according to your location (your country’s currency) in Sage Intacct.

Balance Sheet by Sage Intacct


Customizable Reports

Sage Intacct provides powerful reporting and analytics tools, allowing you to create custom reports and dashboards to meet your specific needs. This feature provides deeper insights into your financial data.

You can customize your planning, budgeting, forecasting, management, allocation of resources, etc. Again, you can customize according to the size of your business, like small business or large one.

Budgeting According to Business

Project Accounting

For organizations needing project management and project cost tracking, Sage Intacct offers a comprehensive project accounting module. This allows you to track your project’s budget, costs, and profits. You can create and compare budgets to fulfill your financial goals.

Audit Trail and historical data

Sage Intacct maintains a detailed audit trail of all financial transactions and changes.

This feature is essential for tracking and maintaining the integrity of your financial data.

The software enables collaboration between team members. Users can work together on projects, share data, and communicate within the platform.

Sage Intacct’s Controller Dashboard

AICPA Approved

Sage Intacct is the only software approved by AICPA. That is why businessmen are switching to this app rather than their old monitoring system.

Core & Additional Modules of Sage Intacct

There are seven core modules of Sage Intacct which are-

How to Install Sage Intacct?

With the following procedure, anyone can install Sage Intacct-

Choose a certified Sage Intacct partner or reseller > set up the system > configure your chart of accounts > migrate your data to Sage Intacct > provide training to your team > offer ongoing support and maintenance to address any issues > keep your system up to date

Pricing System of Sage Intacct

You have to buy Sage Intacct with a monthly subscription. Prices may vary according to the number of modules you use, your business structure, your financial progress, etc.

Costs associated with Sage Intacct include-

Software license

This is the main expense associated with utilizing Sage Intacct because it provides access to the accounting program itself.

Implementation and Training

Depending on your requirements, you may have to pay your chosen Sage Intacct partner for the setup, data migration, and training services.

User Licenses

The cost is frequently determined by the number of users who require access to the system and can vary.

Additional Modules

You might have to pay for these add-ons if your company needs specific modules in addition to the basic accounting tasks, like project accounting or revenue recognition.

Support and Maintenance

Ongoing support and maintenance are frequently included in subscription plans, ensuring that your software is always current and that any problems are dealt with quickly.

Who Should Buy Sage Intacct?

One of the major advantages of Sage Intacct is they provide services to a number of industries. For example, they provide service to –

Sage Intacct tailors your financial needs according to your business type, for example, it provides different types of products depending on whether your business is small, medium, or large.

Pros and Cons of Sage Intacct

Pricing is a complex data security issue concerning beneficial for advanced users.Pricing is a complex data security issue concerning benefits for advanced users.

Reviews about Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is so popular that it is trusted by 22,000 businesses. Due to its quick operation, and better management it gained popularity. Here’s what others are saying about this software-

We expected a solution that was quick, detailed and easy to use – we’ve gotten all of that and more” – Brittany Mccarthy, Director of Finance, Voices.

We’ve gained better visibility into our spending across locations which help us optimize our purchases and minimize waste” – Sudesh Galhenage, CFO, Hope’s Home.

I absolutely love Sage Intacct. The ease of use, dimensional accounting, and real-time drill down transactions has made my life much easier – Sunny Wu, VP of Finance, License

Why Should You Buy Sage Intacct?

Expense Allocation according to different departments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Sage used for?

Sage Intacct is used primarily for automating core financial processes as well as increasing the financial team’s productivity. It saves a lot of time rather than traditional financial management. Moreover, it provides instant financial data.

Is Sage Intacct Right for your company if you conduct a small business?

Absolutely. Whether your business is major or minor, it does not matter. Sage Intacct provides services for large enterprises as well as small ones.

Is Sage Accounting a CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

Sage Intacct has a designated CRM module. It mainly provides services for customer benefits like customer support, sales opportunities, marketing campaigns, etc. They aim to build valuable customer relationships.

Wrap Up

Sage Intacct is a wonderful tool to meet your financial planning and management. In this digital era, you will find it beneficial in many ways. Although the pricing of this software can be complex to understand, it provides several advantages. So, if you are thinking of installing Sage Intacct, you must first consult with a certified partner so that you can install it in a better way and also get support in the future.

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