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HomeGuard 9.7.1

By: Veridium Software (Trial)

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Veridium’s HomeGuard protects you and your kids online and offline by restricting the offending element, monitoring and recording activities and access time. It monitors and filters email, chats and other social media. Takes screenshots based on activity and sends email notifications. It runs in the background, is searchable and accessible without a master password. It cannot be closed, bypassed by proxy, or uninstalled without administrative permission. HomeGuard is a free trial for 15 days. We tried the 64-bit version of HomeGuard on Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. Pornographic content filtering to block all websites in addition to page-specific, and at the same time as unfairly incomplete newspaper websites, blogs, and magazines, all of the websites that allow access to web pages kilagara blocks of the program is the ultimate solution for both online and offline activities to monitor and computer addiction and wound Repeater for blocking practices. HomeGuard protects 64?-bit kids from online predators and bullies, monitors chat messages, emails, social media, and web activity, and presents you with detailed monitoring logs in searchable text form and screenshots of each activity.

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