Submit Software For Review

Submit your software to our website “NearFile” free and forever. To get approve your software you must follow these rules and regulations.

  • Your software description must be unique. That means you can’t just copy paste the description from other website or from your own. You must describe your software in your own words.
  • You must fill all fields correctly.
  • Your software must be virus free. Please be careful, if we find any virus in any of your software, all of your software will be deleted and no software will be approved submitted by you in future.

Content Guidelines

You must explain your software completely and honestly. You may use these techniques and headings to explain your software more deeply:

  • First write a short description about software
  • Write the features of your software and explain each of them
  • Give a small description about “How to use this software“.
  • Explain why people will chose your software rather than others with perfect headings.
  • Add some FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) so that user can know about your software more.
  • If your software has any premium version, also write about it and you can also add the pricing.
  • At last add a summary of your software (Conclusion, The Bottom Line)

About Fields:

Software Name: Type your software name without version

Software Details: Describe your software correctly. Plagiarized description will be rejected.

Categories: Select the best category of your software. In some case, our team may change the category depending on their analysis on your software.

Software Version: Type your software version.

Software License: Select your software License

Software Requirements: Select every OS that allows your software. If your software allows all of these, only select “Windows (All Version)”

Software Publisher: Type the name of the software publisher or the company name of your software. Don’t type any website’s URL.

Publisher Website: If you have any website which represents your software then type it here. If you don’t have then you don’t need to.

Want to upload software on our server? : If you want to get downloaded your software from your own server then unchecked it. After unchecking it you will get two options:

  • Direct Download Link : Your software direct download link.
  • Software Size: Your Software Size in MB

Is your software has different 64 bit and 32 bit version? : If your software has different version for 32 bit and 64 bit then checked it. After checking it you will get 2 options:

  • Software 32 bit: Upload your software which supports 32 bit
  • Software 64 bit: Upload your software which supports 64 bit.

If this field it unchecked then you will get 1 option:

  • Upload Software: Upload your software here.

Does your software has any premium version? : Type your premium version of software buying link. (If your software has premium version)

Discount in percentage (If premium version of software has discount): If your premium version of software has any discount or sale, then type it in percentage.

Your Email: Type your email here to get notification about your software status.

Software Logo : Upload your software logo. You logo size must be 70*70.