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PreventTurnOff 1.21

By: Nenad Hrg (Freeware)

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PreventTurnOff is a disentangled adaptation of Don’t Sleep intended to forestall the closure of your machine.

PreventTurnOff is a closure clock with a PC Anti Blocking System that has the basic elements of Don’t Sleep. The creator chose to make this one subsequent to hearing that a few clients didn’t care for the various errands in Don’t Sleep. PreventTurnOff is a straightforward closure clock with the benefits of an enemy of impeding framework with a couple of additional highlights included.

Contingent upon the setting, PreventTurnOff reports to the working framework that it has indispensable errands to do, if the screen saver is to be actuated or the screen is to be deactivated, it is educated that it is required. It additionally reports to the framework that it has the most noteworthy closure need to keep different projects from being shut in advance before PreventTurnOff got this order and may, subsequently, be shut and not captured by PreventTurnOff to forestall this.

PreventTurnOff Features:

  • Guarantees that the PC and screen stay on
  • Closes down the PC at a particular time
  • Snappy admittance to vitality alternatives, and so forth.

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