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Win10 All Settings

By: WinTools.Info (Freeware)

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Win10 All Settings is a versatile utility that takes into account clear access and utilization of different Windows 10 framework settings.

Win10 All Settings was intended to help clients in redoing Windows 10 in any situation with elective design interfaces, and it can likewise play out some shrouded settings. It likewise gives snappy admittance to the Windows Master Control Panel (God Mode) and sorts the underlying settings of Windows 10.

With Win10 All Settings, you will have the option to change the application modes, straightforwardness, initiate the shaded title, and start menu effectively by means of a basic right-click on the systray symbol. Similarly basic is the capacity to change foundations, idle title bar, taskbar, and windows outskirts. It will likewise allow you to change the great shading board, simple rearrange, dull mode, and then some.

Win10 All Settings can likewise give quick admittance to the Control Panel, permitting you to make Privacy, Time, and Language changes just as admittance to Update and Security arrangements.

Win10 All Settings essentially bolsters Windows 10, however it works with restricted capacities on Windows 7/8.

Preferences of Win10 All Settings:

  • Empowers essential personalization choices in all conditions
  • Gives simple admittance to God Mode
  • Empowers setting the shade of Inactive Title Bar
  • Gives simple admittance to the implicit settings of Windows 10
  • Can begin with the working framework (Autostart)
Win10 All Settings
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Windows 2000 / Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
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