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Redeon RAMDisk

Redeon RAMDisk 4.4.0

By: Advanced Micro Devices Inc (Demo)

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AMD Radeon RAMDisk is a simple utility that provides you with a simple way to boost the memory of your device in order to speed up loading times for complex applications.

Considering that the average user could have installed a variety of applications needing a better-equipped Computer, RAM memory and Processor use may be influenced by the use of resources.

However, for those looking for faster web browsing and improved SSD performance, AMD Radeon RAMDisk manages to optimize video and audio rendering, extend the life of your SSD and deliver outstanding performance improvements, especially for game enthusiasts.

It manages to do so by taking up a portion of your device memory and building a new disk drive. Basically, converting your actual memory into a disk drive can be a easy task for certain people, but you do need to remember a variety of variables that you have to deal with.

By using AMD Radeon RAMDisk, you have the option of formatting, mounting a volume, and assigning multiple drive keys, depending on the number of drives you want to make. You may create a new FAT partition, unformatted disk, or simply load a saved file. No matter which option you choose, you can create a storage space that will be identified as a separate partition.

An thing worth noting is that if you want to save all of your configured options, but do not choose to load an image file, you can easily set its name and add it to the system drive.

Another option that the application comes with is the ‘Event Log,’ which scans up to 1000 entries of your Windows events and shows all relevant objects. This way, you can better understand why your disk may not have started or stopped.

Additional features that you can use include the ability to customize the timeout value that the software uses when starting a driver or compressing image files on NFTS file systems.

So, if you need to build a new partition and increase device acceleration, you can use AMD Radeon RAMDisk with the assurance that it won’t affect your PC or its efficiency.


Technical Details

Title: Redeon RAMDisk
File Name: Radeon_RAMDisk_4_4_0_RC36.msi
File Size: 7.95 MB
Requirements: Windows (All Version)
Date Added: April 7, 2020
License: Demo
Author: Advanced Micro Devices Inc