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Publisher: TeamViewer GmbH

Team viewer is a kind of software that is used as a solution for desktop sharing, transferring files, and remote control. This software usually works behind any type of firewall & NAT proxy. Nowadays TeamViewer has become a global platform for users.


Recording Sessions

With this option, you will be able to record your meetings & sessions with your teams. You can also listen and watch your records many times to find out the weak point or mistakes in them. This feature is attached to the program.

Multi- Platform Access

It has access to any kind of android type device and many more platforms such as windows, chrome os, etc. Smartphones or laptops are well-matched with their remote connectivity. Besides that, with this feature, the users will also be allowed to get access to any computer they are using at that time.

Detailed Report

With this feature, you will get every detail about your team. You’ll get to know which member is doing which task, who did a mistake each and everything in detail.


You can manage your ID, passwords chats, account data, and many more options with this feature. You can also give permissions to your team member as well as also make restrictions for them. You’ll have full control over your team viewer account.

Getting Started

Support Ticket

It will give you easy management of support tickets for the customers of your company by using a service camp. In this way, you can distribute the responsibilities to the team members for better teamwork.

Direct Access

You will have direct access to the control panel & quicksteps menu. With this, you’ll be allowed to finish the IT support works without having any problems.

Speed Control

It is an option where you can set up the connection speed in the connection window menu bar. With this, the members of your team can set their connection speed in a meeting according to the graphic quality of their picture.




Is TeamViewer safe?

All the versions of it use full encryption which is based on 4096 bit RSA public/personal key exchange and also 256 bit AES session encoding. So in today’s standard, it is undoubtedly safe.

Can someone access my computer if my TeamViewer is off?

No. If it is off or disabled no one can access your computer by using this software.

Does TeamViewer change password?

Though it is a randomly generated password so it has to be changed every time the service starts up. It will change the password on every restart or reboot.

How to uninstall TeamViewer?

You can easily uninstall it from your PC’s control panel. Just go to the control panel and then open Program and Features. Then look for it and then click on uninstall. It will be uninstalled from your device.

Our uses

For me, TeamViewer is a great software for the remote controller or remote access. With this software, I can make connections with the opposite user in a very simple way. It gives me details almost about everything. On the other hand, there is also something that I didn’t like in this program. To share large files I need to use other clouds. And also I find the authentication is way slower than the other programs.

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