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Publisher: Tencent

Are you looking for emulators to enjoy some battleground action? Then, look no further because we have the only thing you’ll ever need. Tencent gaming buddy, later renamed GameLoop, is just the software you are looking for!

Welcome to Tencent Gaming Buddy

Play Android games on your Windows PC!

Tencent is a huge developer of mobile and PC software with PUBG PC and mobile in their portfolio. While PUBG PC requires some heavy graphical components and a powerful processor, PUBG mobile is lightweight and less power-hungry.

That’s why the company developed an Android emulator which can seamlessly run your favorite applications without a hitch. It not only supports your preferred programs but also allows you to enjoy various other hard-hitting gaming titles. So, why settle for less when you can enjoy everything?

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Want to know more about what this incredible title offers? Find out all the features here!

Secure Environment & Gameplay

It’s pretty frustrating when your gaming experience gets wasted because of cheaters and hackers. GameLoop understands its users’ pain and offers a secure and safe gaming environment. Their anti-cheat system detects any potential hackers and ends the gaming session effectively. That way, everyone can have a fairground while playing.

Integrated UI

There is no point in having an Android app-supported program that can run a few things. But GameLoop is not like others because it can run some heavy mobile games you will adore. From Minecraft to Pokemon, many popular mobile games are available on their gaming buddy. So, get the most out of one application.

Seamless Support

You’re probably worried about your low-end PC not supporting your favorite mobile games. Guess what? GameLoop offers the best experience regardless of your specs because its smart configuration system automatically sets the ideal settings for you. It enables you to enjoy your games with high fps and fluidity.

What does Tencent Gaming Buddy offer?

Many competitors in the market offer a very premium gaming experience. Tencent does not lack in that regard. However, it also utilizes its neural core engine to maximize the capability of any user’s PC.

A full-screen display mode, Ultra HD graphics, and smart button configuration are just the tip of the iceberg. Its unique game-centric interface can record or stream your gaming window without dropping any fps.

Your games will come to life with their brilliant button mapping system. Take full control of your screen and utilize your inputs to create a huge difference. So, your gaming experience will change once you play with GameLoop.

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Android emulator designed for playing Tencent games on a PC

The initial idea was to support only Tencent games. PUBG was the main game title for this application. However, the developers did not confine themselves to just one game.

They brought Call of duty, Pokemon, Minecraft, and many more to the emulator. So, gamers can now enjoy PUBG as well as other FPS and open-world games.

An easy-to-use, fast-speed emulator!

GameLoop is extraordinarily fast and quick to respond. That’s the differentiator among other Android emulators. You won’t even feel that your PC is running at full throttle. It’s just that efficient and lightning-fast!

Other than that, its performance core supports both low-end and high-end computers. That’s why many PUBG players are switching to desktops and laptops to control their game with accurate precision.

System Requirements for Tencent Gaming Buddy

Without knowing the emulator’s system requirements, it’s tough to know whether it’s suitable for your PC or not. So, here are the full details:

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements



FAQs on Tencent Gaming Buddy

Is Tencent gaming buddy only for PUBG?

While Tencent initially made the gaming buddy for PUBG, it is not the only game on the platform. There are many other gaming titles available for gamers to enjoy.

Can I download Tencent gaming buddy?

Obviously, you can download the software whenever you want because it’s completely free of cost. You can find your download file on this trusted and safe website as well.

How do you use GameLoop on a laptop?

Be it a PC or a laptop, the emulator is easy to use GameLoop. All you need to do is click on the download button and install the app. Your software will be ready to run.

How do I download PUBG in Tencent buddy?

You don’t need to download PUBG mobile if you have a Tencent gaming buddy or GameLoop. Because once you open the emulator, your necessary files to run the battle royale game will be automatically downloaded.

Is GameLoop banned in India?

No, for the time being, GameLoop is still accessible for PC users. As it is the official emulator for PUBG, many think that there’s no support for this in India. However, in reality, it is still fully functional.

Which emulator is best for PUBG?

There are many PC game emulators that can run PUBG. For example, Tencent gaming Buddy, Bluestacks, and MEmu are some of the popular PUBG mobile emulators. Gaming Buddy is the official app for Player Unknown’s Battleground.

GameLoop is better than Tencent gaming buddy?

Actually, GameLoop and Tencent gaming buddy is the same app! The Chinese company rebranded its app and named it GameLoop to make it more approachable. So, there is no difference between those two applications.

Is Tencent Gaming Buddy easy to use?

It definitely is because it has a very simple interface. The users don’t need to learn anything, and every supported game is enlisted on the home page. So, anyone can easily use it.

Is Tencent Gaming Buddy a good choice?

For PUBG, it is the best possible option. However, that does not mean its function is limited to that. If you want to enjoy other mobile experiences on your PC, the app will surely come in handy.


So, what are your thoughts about GameLoop or Tencent gaming buddy?

We totally loved the way it can handle various PC specs and settings without breaking a sweat. On top of that, the CPU and ram usage does not go off the roof.

If you want to know what it feels like to play your favorite mobile games on PC, download it now!

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