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Do you sometimes wish there could be a way to automate your clicking during intense gaming?

Well, there are many automation tools available to help you automate your keyboard and mouse dynamics.

TG macro is one such tool that can help you in creating macros with your keyboard and mouse easily. With this software, you can record mouse movements, set click delays, or even create macros based on color changes.

With that said, If you are looking to create automation with this auto clicker, here is a brief overview of TG macro.

The best way to create automated tasks

Features of TG Macro

Use Cases of the Tool

1. Automating Repetitive Tasks

This tool allows you to record and replay sequences of actions, automating repetitive and tedious tasks.

For example, you could create a macro to format a spreadsheet in a certain way every time new data comes in.

Do Automatic Repetitive tasks with TG Macro

2. Data Entry and Form Filling

Macros can rapidly fill out forms or enter data faster than typing everything manually. You can create a macro to enter common information like names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. into forms or applications.

3. Text Expansion

Define shortcuts that expand into frequently used blocks of text when typed. This saves time typing out the same phrases or templates repeatedly. Useful for customer service reps responding to common questions.

4. UI Testing and Validation

Macros allow you to script and automate interactions with an application to simulate user behaviors. This is useful for testing and validating that UI features work as expected.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Create custom keyboard shortcuts to trigger actions and commands in apps and websites for efficiency.

For example, a shortcut to paste frequently used snippets or navigate through menus and dialogs.

How does TG Macro Work?

TG Macro interface
Edit your macros using Macro Editor

How to Record Mouse and Keyboard Events?

To utilize TG Macro for recording Mouse and Keyboard events on your PC, the initial step is creating a macro.

As you begin the macro creation process, pay attention to the Record Settings located at the bottom right corner of the screen. Here, you’ll need to choose and tailor the actions you wish to capture.

When you’re ready, initiate the recording by pressing the “Record” option or using a designated hotkey, such as Control + F10. To conclude the recording, simply press the same hotkey combination or click the Record button once more.




TG Macro proves to be a great automation tool, streamlining workflow processes with efficiency and precision. The ability to effortlessly record and replay complex sequences of mouse and keyboard actions sets TG Macro apart, enhancing productivity by reducing manual intervention in repetitive tasks.

However, like any tool, users need to familiarize themselves with its features and invest time in optimizing their macros for optimal performance. Overall, TG Macro stands as a valuable asset for gamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record a macro on my keyboard?

Launch the Macro Recorder and simply hit the ‘Record’ button within the main program window. Your actions—moving the mouse, clicking, or typing in any application—will be recorded.

How do I set up macro keys?

To customize keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Office, follow these steps: Click the Microsoft Office Button and select ‘Customize.’ Then, beside ‘Keyboard shortcuts,’ click ‘Customize.’ In the Categories list, choose ‘Macros,’ and in the Macros list, select the specific macro you wish to modify.

Are automated mouse clicks safe?

Auto clickers are said to be legitimate giving you reliable outputs. These tools are designed for tasks that require repetitive clicking. Also, a gem for gamers who need to put in manual clicking efforts.

What is the Razor macro key?

Razer keyboards offer the ability to record and allocate macros to their programmable keys. You can record combinations of actions or commands as macros and assign them to specific keys on your keyboard.

Why use a macro keyboard?

Macros streamline gaming controls by condensing sequences into a single button press, simplifying input as one button can execute a series of actions.

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