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Publisher: AnchorFree Inc.

Do you find some websites or apps with difficulty accessing? Otherwise, when you connect to public Wi-Fi, are you concerned with your digital privacy? You don’t have to worry. You can surf the internet anonymously using virtual private networks. These security programs protect you each time you go online from monitoring and potential hackers. TouchVPN is one of the current VPN apps. It offers free unlimited and secure access. No tests offered, no information needed on the credit card.

VPN is not the only way to browse anonymous for a user. You can also use a proxy to disguise your identity. You will be anonymously redirected by both the proxy and VPN and changed your IP address. However, a proxy is browser-based and may not be compatible with certain web pages. VPN encrypts all your traffic on the other hand and works with all Internet services. It works also with apps that give you greater freedom, security and privacy online.

100% free and limitless Internet connection is offered by TouchVPN. In another country, it creates a secure and encrypted server so that you can circumvent geo-restrictions and unblock any website. Although this software allows you to access sites blocked or otherwise censored by government, school and workplace. You could even avoid firewalls to unlock Facebook, check Youtube and bypass VOIP restrictions.

However, TouchVPN is a simplified interface, which users appreciate. To access the service, the App requires just one click. Actually, only one button is provided. This button connects you to a server that offers speeds faster than a Web proxy. Moreover, the app provides an unlimited, quick and reliable connection. You have no need to worry about session, speed or bandwidth restrictions.

TouchVPN offers strong digital security, in addition to its proxy servers from different countries. It comes with a full-anonymity and safe SSL encryption. The app realises that when you connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots, your name, passwords and other personal information are compromised. For this reason, it encrypts your information and ensures maximum protection at the banking level.

You can avoid snooping on your ISP with TouchVPN and also prevent the tracking and targeting of ads on websites. The app changes your IP address and hides your identity online. It also rates prying eyes and businesses from your internet activity.

The number of hacking and snooping cases is also growing with the continued increase in the internet use. This is why caution, particularly now that most purchases are online, is extremely important. You can connect to your digital protection a new layer with TouchVPN. The app provides simpler and more secure protection, allowing unrestricted access to the Internet. It’s free, moreover. To get a quicker internet access you don’t have to pay. This software enables you to browse in just one click quicker, smoother and safer.

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