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TypingMaster, a tool that can make your typing faster and more accurate. In other words,  this tool is for boosting up your typing skills. In our life, there are many things to learn for better living. Typing is one of the basic things that we learn from the very beginning. By the TypingMaster it is very easy to learn typing accurately.  This tool also gives you many things for boosting your typing skills. Firstly it provides many lessons as well as practice tests. Not only this it also take exams through some typing games. These typing games will take your exam to prove your worth.  Secondly, it will track your progress while giving you great training with feedback and recommendations. Through these processes, you can easily focus on your both weakness and strengths. And thus it will be very easy for you to learn typing without any trouble.

Why should I use TypingMaster?

As I said before, typing master boost up your typing skills with accuracy, there is no need to ask why you should use it. Every day we need to type thousands of words for our various purpose. If our typing is not accurate then that will be not accepted by your client. Also if your typing speed is very slow then you can not finish your work within time. In this case, you must have accurate typing with speed. And for that only things that can help you is the TypingMaster.

Is it easy to use?

Yes of course. It is the easiest and simplest tool to be used. It has many features that you make you feel like a real-time tutor. You will feel like a great tutor is teaching you to improve your skills. By it’s a paid feature you can track your progress. Developers named these features as Satellite. First, it will let you do some practice with several lessons, and then it will make you improve your accuracy as well as your typing speed.

How does TypingMaster work?

Have you ever used any typing tools before? If you used it, then you can relate to how this software works. Like them, TypingMaster also helps you by giving various data from many trainers. With some games this tool makes you keep practicing in a productive way. You can also use their “Training Settings” option to see and discover many keyboard layouts.

As it is a basic tool to learn typing it does not mean it has a few features only. This tool will give you a lot of features for better learning. I have already mentioned before that this software is going to examine you by it’s some typing games. These games will always make you interested in learning and these will never let you bore. Some games have a fixed time. Within that time you have to complete a specific typing mission. By this means your typing speed will increase day by day. And also there is a lot of exercise waiting for you that will never stop you from learning. By this, your skill cannot but improve.

Some of its interfaces may look too old to use but we are ensuring you that it will be a great tool for you. It will never fail to improve all typing skills.

Is TypingMaster free to use?

The answer is both yes and no. it has some features that are totally free for all and also some features that are not for free. You have to buy those features for better performance. The free features will teach you only the basics but the paid version will make you a master of typing. So choose wisely what you want. If you just want to learn the basics then you are welcome to use the free version. But if you need to go more then there is no alternative to buy the paid version. We personally recommend you to buy the premium version.


At this time we all are staying at home for Covid-19. As a result, we have to work from home, even now we cannot but giving your examination online. For this reason, we need to learn typing fast with accuracy. We can learn both accuracy and fast typing through TypingMaster.

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