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Download EarthDesk (most recent variant 2020) free for Windows 10 (64 piece – 32 piece) PC/Laptop. Safe Download and Install from legitimate connection!

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EarthDesk changes over your work area into an excellent, ongoing picture of the Earth from space, ceaselessly refreshing out of sight while you work. Arrange the guide, sit back, and appreciate the dazzling perspective! Envision looking through the window of a circling spaceship. Presently envision that see on your work area. It highlights close to constant mists, precise sun, moon, and city lighting.

It is something other than a pretty picture. As it moves for the duration of the day, portraying live information, it’s an incredible wellspring of data. With such a large number of alternatives readily available, looking at the Earth from space has never been increasingly fun!

Key Features


EarthDesk has 12 projections to browse including Mercator, Azimuthal, and Equirectangular, and a Globe with a discretionary starfield foundation.


Focus on scope/longitude, a point comparative with the sun or moon, or any of 10,000 areas. An information membership gives you much all the more focusing choices.

Guide Labels

Multicolor marks can be utilized to gather urban areas by class and pinpoint them on EarthDesk’s guides. Marks are characterized per-screen for most extreme adaptability.


EarthDesk works out of sight, utilizing insignificant assets. Aside from the lovely picture on your work area, you won’t notice it is running.

Numerous Screens

One, two, three or more screens can be utilized all the while. Show an alternate guide on every one, or length a solitary guide over the entirety of your screens.

Live Cloud Images

Our free cloud picture administration gives EarthDesk worldwide cloud pictures at a detail level of 2 megapixels. Standard cloud pictures update at regular intervals.

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