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MeinPlatz 6.33

By: Nenad Hrg (Freeware)

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MeinPlatz, or My-Place, offers a simple and quick approach to check the hard plate for lost circle space.

With investigation on a rate premise and gathering by organizers, document types, size or date. It likewise has a pleasant print and fare work.

Obviously, the outcomes can be sent out to XLS, HTM, CSV, and TXT. MeinPlatz “My-Place” additionally has a print work with coordinated print see and variable viewpoint proportion and even a little screen magnifier.

MeinPlatz Features:

  • Fare: XLS record, CSV, TXT, HTML
  • Magnifier: Sightedness or in the important part, everything on the screen can be made greater.
  • Drive examining: With the rate examination, organizer number, record number, and so forth.
  • Printing: With print see and variable perspective proportion.
  • Popup menu: Scan the working environment and do rapidly choose the ideal organizer.
  • Gathering: By record augmentation, alteration time, size or envelopes


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