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The first thing to say about ventoy is that it is completely free software. Since this tool is a widely used tool, it is free and many people can use it easily. It has many features. For example, it supports large-size ISO files, the USB drive is protected, supports different languages, Directly boot Iso files, etc. Also, new features are constantly being added to this tool. Let’s talk about all these features.

Welcome to Ventoy

Support Large ISO File

One of the main features of Ventoy is it supports large-size ISO Files. It supports more than 4GB ISO File. So that you can store lots of data in the archive section. Even you can back up your disk on a large scale.

Creat USB Drive

Ventoy is suitable software for making USB Drive. It is necessary to store your data, back up your data or transfer your data from one device to another. In that’s case absolutely USB drive is needed. So, If you want to do all these tasks without any cost then use Ventoy and create a USB  easily.

Refrain from disk formatting

If you use ventoy then you have no need to format the disk again and again. Ventoy can solve this problem. You have to follow just one way that copies the ISO file to the USB file and boot it. Enough! now you have no need to format your disk again and again.

Quickly copy the ISO file

Ventoy is an expert tool for copying ISO files and it does it very fastly. So,

you can copy the ISO files very quickly with Ventoy. Absolutely it saves your time and helps you to finish tasks shortly.

Auto Update

You do not need to update and use it when new features are added to the ventoy software. New features will be updated automatically in the ventoy software. You will have the opportunity to receive new services.

Support Qubes 

Ventoy also supports the latest Qubes release. So you can install Qubes 4.0.4 on a USB stick and additionally put an ISO file on a ventoy USB stick in order to get into a living image of Qubes.

Ventoy using USB Device


Most FAQ’s about Ventoy

How do I get Ventoy?

You can get Ventoy from any trusted website. In this case, I will recommend to download from NearFile

How do I use Ventoy on Windows?

Ventoy can be used on windows. If you want then you can do it. You have to follow just a simple way. First, you have to start using Ventoy. You need to installations a package, like ventoy-x.x.xx-windows. zip and decompress it. Then run Ventoy2Disk.exe on your device. Then select the device and click the Install or Update button. Now it’s done.

Is Ventoy free?

Oh yes.Ventoy is open-source all over the world.Anyone can use it without any cost. It provides service completely free. Already I’ve cleared that it is free software still I’m clearing it once more time that Ventoy’s is free.

Is Ventoy software safe?

Absolutely Ventoy is safe software. Look, Ventoy doesn’t support any virus or it never does something which is harmful to your device. It doesn’t allow any malware or spyware. So it can be said that Ventoy is very safe software. There has no risk for use it.

What is the use of Ventoy?

Ventoy has lots of use. Already I’ve described the main uses of Ventoy.Besides it doest another more task like Ventoy can be installed on a USB, local disk, SSD, NVMe, or SD Card and it will directly boot from the selected .iso, .wim, .img, .vhd(x), or .efi file(s) added. Ventoy does not extract the image file(s) to the USB drive but uses them directly. 

Does Ventoy support Windows 11?

At present, it is a very common query. So the answer is yes, It supports windows 11. It works with windows 11. Also, you can bypass the hardware check in Windows 11 when installed. So, if you want to use this tool in windows 11 so you can.

Does Ventoy support persistence?

Yes, Ventoy supports persistence as many distros provide persistence.


Ventoy is a very useful tool. Already the main task of ventoy is described nicely. People like it very much and used to give it 5stars always. It does lots in a simple way. It is a very impressive tool. I use it and I feel very comfortable doing my task with it. Personally, I recommend it. If you feel any interest or need then you can use it. Surely you will be benefited. 

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