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VirtualBox -


Publisher: Oracle Corporation

VirtualBox is one of the most amazing software for windows users. It is free and enterprise ready virtualization software which is developed by the Oracle Corporation.  It is one of the only professional virtualization tools available as open-source software.


By the oracle VirtualBox, the users can extend their existing computers to run variant operating systems at a time .It is an ideal tool for testing, developing, demonstrating and deploying solutions across different platforms in one machine. 

Supported files


This open-source is really easy to use that even the novice users can command after they’ve gone through the user manual. You can run your applications that are not compatible with your system and also you can test other operating systems by the VirtualBox. It has an easy to get interface that once a guest operating system is installed, you can easily get access and work on it without any hassle.


  1. Different kinds of OS in the same computer 
  2. While creating a virtual machine or a virtual hard disk, if the virtual box crashes there will be no effect to the host machine.
  3. it’s easy to create a machine in VirtualBox and also installing is easy.
  4. It supports the latest virtual hardware and obsolete hardware.
  5. Trying out a new OS is easy. 


  1. Virtual machines on the VirtualBox are less efficient than the real machines. So it will result slow usability.
  2. It is dependent on the host machine.
  3. It is affected by the host machine weakness.


The software will give you a great user experience so you can run multiple operating systems in your native pc environment.

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