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WavePad Audio Editor  Download

Publisher: NCH Software

WavePad Audio Editor is a kind of program by which people can edit sounds. This utility was developed for any step of skills. Both beginners & experts can use this software according to their needs.

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Audio Editing Options

With WavePad Audio Editor, users can cut-copy-paste the audio file. They can also delete a clip from the sound & also add a sound as well.

Sound effects

In this software, people can get various sound effects such as equalizer, amplifier, normalize, reverse, echo & reverb. 

WavePad Audio Editor Sound Library

Advanced Option

There are some advanced options for better audio editing. People can add text to the audio. It also has a voice changer by which users will be able to switch the action voice tone of the audio.

Sound Restoration

With this feature, users can remove the noise of the audio record & make a clean & perfect audio clip. Users can also remove click pop.

Save & Share

After finishing the work, users can save & export their audio in any format they want & then share the audio with various platforms.

WavePad Audio Editor Create a new file

Is there a better alternative?

–  WavePad audio editor is an amazing tool no alternatives are better than this program. The alternatives are WaveShop & Audacity. But, if you have used WavePad then you may realize that it is the best.

System Requirements



FAQs on WavePad Audio Editor 

Is WavePad free?

Yes, it is free-to-use software. If the users don’t use this for professional work then it is totally free. But, for professional use this program costs charges.

Is WavePad safe?

Yeah, this program is completely safe and secure. Many people liked this software before still, but they prefer to use this tool.

How can I create a new audio file in WavePad?

You have to click Ctrl plus N to create an audio file. While creating you will be asked to choose the sample rates also channels. You can set the default settings for this option.

How can I record sound with WavePad?

At first, you have to open a new project in the app. After that, press the red color record option then you will be able to begin recording.

Our Take on it

WavePad is a high-quality sound editing utility. It has great & advanced features to edit your audio. It is also very safe. All the audio formats are supported by this program. So, we would like to recommend you to use the program. You won’t get any other better alternative than WavePad.

Should I download it?

Yes. If you are looking for an audio editing tool with amazing functions then you must install this program on your PC. Both personal & professional videos can be edited with this program. You can install it without any kind of hassle.


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