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Windows Media Player


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Windows Media Player

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Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11

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Windows Media Player is a renowned media player for Windows devices like PC, pocket PC and also mobile phones. You can use Windows Media Player to open different media files of your Windows devices. This is a product of Microsoft. This media player has been competing with different high-standard media players for a long time. Here you will get this software for your PC for totally free. 


Windows Media Player is used to open different media files like videos, music, and still images. This is one of the most used media players for windows devices. This media player is very popular among windows operating system users. WMP is famous for its different features. Some features are so unique and useful that make this more famous among the users. Let’s discuss some special features of Windows Media Player.

Features of Windows Media Player

Features of software are a very vital part to know about that. As we are going to discuss all about it, we have to know about its all the good and bad sides. And features bear these sides of a Software.

Separate Folder

Most of the time we store huge information in our pc memory. All this information is not the same in their type and uses. Media files are also the same. We may have a variety of files. We need to arrange all this information to make our later works easy. Windows Media Player will give us that option. This is the most amazing feature of this media player. Users can create different folders for different types of media files. This feature helps the user to arrange all media files according to their variety.

Search Bar

Again the same thing I want to say. That is the number of files in our device memory. Among these lots of files, we have to find some specific files for our needs. But searching manually will take a huge time. Thinking this, Windows introduces a search bar in their media player. The search bar option will give you a chance to search for your needed files from hundreds and thousands of files. You just have to write the name of that file on that search bar to find that file easily. This is another feature of Windows Media Player that makes it more famous.


The interface is important for software to its users. This should be easy to use. It has a very user-friendly interface. This helps the users to enjoy the media and also it offers various controls. It also has different themes based on their colors. You have all the access to control everything of this media player according to your needs.

Lackings of Windows Media Player

All the good qualities and features of Windows Media Player are enough to convenience you to use this media player. But it also has some limitations or lackings. The media library of Windows Media Player is not so wide. For this, you might struggle to find your needed song. Besides this, it has no streaming option in it.


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