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Cok Free MP3 Recorder Download

Publisher: cok-software

Cok Free MP3 Recorder is a recording tool and yes such a great tool. You can record your voice or anything else like a song with this tool. You can do real-time audio records with this tool. It will reduce your expense why not it offers free service. It has lots of features let’s know some of them.

Cok Free MP3 Recorder Interface

Record From Direct Computer

If you want to record your voice from the direct computer then you can do it with the Cok Free MP3 Recorder tool. You have no need for any expensive computer for doing it. You just need a sound card which is essential to set with the computer. It’s enough and now it’s ready to record your voice from a direct computer. You can also use it for extracting music from your favorite games.

Record Your Skype Conversation

Some of us use Skype. So if you are a skype user and want to record the conversation you can do it easily with the Cok Free MP3 Recorder tool. It will help record your skype conversation fastly. So use it forget these great benefits.

Lightweight tool

If you are worried about its weight then know that its weight is very light. So that it will take up little space from your computer. As it is a lightweight tool it is very easy to work with this.

Clear Output

Though it is a very light tool still it will give you a crystal clear voice record. Its output is always the best. It will give you a high-quality voice recording. You can share this recording without any quality issues.

Use Sound Card

If you use a microphone or sound card then you will get more benefits from this tool. One benefit of using the sound card is that it will reduce microphone-related problems. Sometimes it can be seen that the microphone doesn’t connect with the computer properly. In that case, if you use the sound card you can avoid this problem.

Re-Check Your Recording

You can check your recording before saving it on a hard drive. If you feel it is not exact then you can modify it according to your wish.

How do I use Cok Free MP3 Recorder?

Recording Audio using Cok Free MP3 Recorder

It is very easy to use just follow these step

  1. To connect the sound card with your computer and open this application.
  2. Select the start button for recording and activate your voice.
  3. Use the stop button when you feel that the record is done.
  4. Select a file name to store it in windows.
  5. Finally, use the save button now it’s done.



FAQ’s on Cok Free MP3 Recorder

Is the MP3 recorder free?

Yes, it is completely a free tool. You can use it without cost. Rather it will save you money. If you use it then you have no need for any extra instruments. It is enough to record your voice properly.

How many languages support it?

Cok Free MP3 Recorder supports only the English language. As English is an international language this tool support it. So that people everywhere understand it easily and use it easily.

What about its requirements?

Well, I’m gonna inform you about its requirements. It is Windows 98 SE,Windows Vista,Windows 2003,Windows 98,Windows ME,Windows XP,Windows NT,Windows 7,Windows 95,Windows 2000,Windows 8.

Is it any virus?

No, it isn’t a virus. It is a recording tool only. It will help you for doing record your voice and it won’t do anything which is harmful to your computer. It doesn’t allow any viruses. So use it without any fear.

Our Verdict

Cok Free MP3 Recorder is a very useful tool according to us. We use it for recording purposes. Always it gives us the best output. We are very impressed with this. We recommend it highly because we want that everybody gets the chance for enjoying its services. 


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