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Community Script Hook V NET Download

Publisher: crosire

Community Script Hook V .NET is an ASI or a modding plugin that enables gamers to enjoy modded features and customization. These plugins are specially made for GTA IV/V games to unlock more flexible and fascinating attributes to the game.

This five-star rated plugin (according to 5mods) allows any scripts programmed in the .NET language. Its open-source nature makes it accessible for anyone to contribute and modify. The development resides on the whole community, and it continues to grow gradually.

Enjoy modded features and customization with Community Script Hook V NET

Added Features

The only purpose of this plugin is to modify the gaming modes and introduce new elements to the game. So, after successfully implementing the ASI plugin, gamers will be able to tweak the game in many ways. Adding new features, modes, etc., has never been easier.

Open for All

Developing with Community Script Hook V NET

Read, write, contribute and develop – that’s how these. NET-based plugins improve and deliver their functions. The plugin is very easy to customize and integrate into any supported system. So, feel free to view the changelog and give it your own flavor.


How do I use community script hook V?

Using the ASI plugin is extremely simple. After installing the latest plugin, copy all the necessary files into the game path. The game is now modded to use any .NET language.

What is a script hook?

Script Hook V is essentially an additional modded plugin or a utility file based on the .NET language. These ASI plugins allow the users to mod and customize the gaming features, excluding the online mode.

Has the script hook been updated?

The developers of the plugins definitely update the programming language to support the recent gaming patches. The last update was in December 2021.

How do you get script hook V?

Getting your own copy of Script Hook V is possibly the easiest thing out there. All you have to do is click the download button up there, and the files will be on your way to your PC. 

Is Open safe to download?

All the software, applications, plugins, utilities hosted on this trusted website is checked thoroughly for viruses or malware. So, you can safely download Open from here.

Our Take

This ASI add-on is godsent for any GTA V lover. In our testing, we did not find any problem or irregularity with the game after installing it. So, you can use it without fearing anything and enjoy a more enhanced Grand Theft Auto experience.

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