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IMVU Download for your PC

IMVU Download for your PC

IMVU Download

Publisher: IMVU

IMVU is a texted and avatar-based virtual world social game. Here you can interact with new people every day with your customized and trendy avatar. Here you can do everything virtually that you could do in real life. For example, you can date, meet new friends, explore, express your mood virtually through various emojis and etc. Here you can create your own customizable avatar, you can do shopping, meet new friends or join many social groups to extend your sociality.

Create your own avatar


This section is the heart of IMVU. From here you can utilize the whole game with a single click. This section offers the following features-


This is an amazing section where you can discover what your friends are doing or sharing. This section let you check out your friend’s activity. When your friends post or share something, you can check them from here and you can also react, and comment on their posts. Also, you can share your activity, post, or how you’re feeling with everyone from here.

Enjoy your second life in the virtual world Metaverse


This is one of the most useful features of this game. Here your item within the game is sorted based on its category. From here you can customize your profile and avatar. This feature contains the followings category item-


This is the most wanted feature of this game. Every user is excited to use this feature always. Everyone likes to do the shopping and customize their game profile and avatar with trendy accessories. From here you can purchase various items with your friends. This purchase contains-


World’s Largest 3D Avatar Chat Game

With these features, it has always become a trendy and most usable game. Because from here you can chat with other people always. Not chat with friends you can do more from this section and those are-


This is the core of whole this game. From here you can customize your profile which will be visible to other users like you. From here you can edit your profile as you want. You can also turn on or off your online status, and visible your chat room location. And perform other settings like,

How do I play it on Chrome?

To play it on chrome you have to do as follows-

How do I install this game?

To download it, do as followings-

System Requirements for IMVU




How do I download IMVU on my laptop?

You can download it from any browser. To download IMVU on your laptop, search for it on your browser and you will have many websites which offer this for free.

Can you download it on a PC?

Yes, you can download it on a PC. Download it on pc just for the game and there will be many websites that offer this for free.

Can 13-year-olds play IMVU?

Yes, 13 years old or above users can play IMVU. To ensure user safety and privacy it ensures any user to be at least 12 years to play this game.

Is it free on PC?

Yes, IMVU is totally free for pc. If you want to play this game, you can easily download this game from the website.

What does IMVU stand for?

IMVU stands for In My Virtual universe. This is a text and avatar-based social online game. Where player uses their customized avatar as a profile to meet others.

Why is IMVU slow?

IMVU became slow sometimes because its uses some high-end 3-D graphics and high-resolution features to run the whole games which impacts the system.

Can I download it on Windows 10?

Yes, you can download it on windows 10. There are many websites that offer this for free, you can just download it from there quickly and easily.

Our Uses

This is one of my favorite virtual social games I ever played. Here I was able to create my own customized avatar which will be shown to other users like me. Also, I could customize my avatar and profile through various trendy shopping.

Here I could do everything virtually which was possible in real life, like dating someone, meeting new friends, exploring, joining others’ chat rooms,s, etc. But there were some issues with Privacy issues, Nudity Exposed, too many ads, pay-to-unlock features, Lag while playing games,s, etc.


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