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Open Hardware Monitor For Windows is a free & open-source program by which you can monitor the temperature of your computer’s sensor, voltage, load, clock speed & fen speed. It is that kind of software by which you will be guided about your PC’s performance of different hardware components.


Compatible With All Hardware Chips

This application is compatible with all kinds of hardware chips on the shops so that you’ll be able to use this app for any system you have.

Watch Hardware Component performance

You’ll be able to watch the basic measurements of your computer’s hardware component’s performance such as fan speed & the temperature of the component.

No installation Needed

You don’t need to install this Open Hardware Monitor app to use it. You just need to activate an option to set it up so that it can start up with windows.

Controls Computer’s Performance

This is a very useful program to control a computer’s performance easily. You’ll be provided with all the real-time information on the PC if you have this program.

Edit Sensors Names

The name of the sensors can be edited with this program. You’ve to click the sensor twice or select the sensor and then you’ve to press F2.

Is Open Hardware Monitor For Windows Safe?

Yes! It is totally safe. This app will not only help you monitor your sensor-friendly hardware components but also be entirely free and safe to use.

Pros and Cons of Open Hardware Monitor For Windows



You can run on The Open Hardware Monitor For Windows 32 bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems without installing it. This application can be very useful for users to monitor the components of their PC. So you can use this software without any hassle.

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