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In the world of malicious viruses, hackers, and security breaches, the need for an ultimate solution for the internet is imminent. Tor browser is the browsing software that everyone should use to ensure better use of the internet.

Tor is an onion-routing network that helps users to stay safe from cyber-attacks and unwanted peekers. Using the application, one can bypass their location and bounce their communication signal among the volunteers to mask their online identity.

The Tor network is one of the most reliable and secure network connections. It uses the Firefox source material and blends it with its own style to give the users a completely new look. So, it can enhance your browsing experience while offering the best-in-class online security.

Tor Browser Home Page

Complete Safeguard

What good is a browser if it can’t provide the best online safety? Leave your compromises behind and evolve with this awesome browser. It does not store any data and keeps your personal information completely private. The browser is a full package of features and security.

Complete Safeguard

Reliable VPN

Having a built-in VPN can help any type of user in a time of crisis. Many websites are restricted due to geolocation and can only be accessed by masking your online presence. Your private network location will be different while you use the VPN to avoid any tracking from the websites.

Location Protection

We all want to browse the internet without the fear of losing our private information to the network provider and websites. This application uses a unique proxy configuration to avoid all trackers and cookies to ensure a safe browsing experience. So, protect your important data and surf freely.

Location Protector

Improved Looks

While the browser is based on the Firefox source code, it introduces some new changes to the system. The clean and minimalistic opening tab is incredible to get on searching for the things you really need. SafeSearch filtration offers cleaner search results, and the feature to use additional extensions and tools is a plus.



FAQ’s on Tor Browser

How do you download the Tor Browser?

Downloading this incredible browser is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is to click on the download button you see, and the website will redirect you to the download page. You can download it from there.

Is Tor Browser Legal?

For most countries, the Tor browser is completely legal and free to use however the users want. However, China has banned the application and unauthorized its use in any circumstances.

Is Tor Browser free on PC?

This feature-packed browser is free on many platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. For Windows computer and laptop users, this trusted website hosts the software to download.

Is it safe to download Tor Browser?

There is no safer website to download and run Tor Browser other than your beloved Nearfile. We check all the applications for malware and viruses and make them available for the users for safe downloads.

Final Remarks

We extensively used this software to learn the details and user experience, and with our findings, we can safely recommend it to any user out there. Its enriched features to provide the best security are very commendable. You can test it yourself free from here.

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