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Publisher: Asus

AI Suite is an improved software from the ASUS group. With this program, you’ll have been capable to tweak your computer by amazing tuning a few of the parameters of the components which could be downloaded on the motherboard.

Optimize The PC

The AI suite does its works like a benchmark tool & filters the computer performance to its whole extent. If you do computer work daily or play games usually then you must download this software on your computer. With this application, you’ll be able to run different kinds of benchmarking tests to make sure how much stress load the PC can bear.

Optimize your PC with AI Suite

Monitoring & Control

With this software, you can do monitoring the temperature of the PC, the voltage of the system & fan speed. But you won’t be able to change these according to your choice.

A Fan Controller

 This software also can perform as a PC controller. It can manage or change the CPU fan speed to keep the temperature cool. The fan expert system of this software is a built-in feature in this application.

Auto Enhance System

This program will auto analyze your PC. There is an auto button by which the CPU performance can be optimized. It will also optimize the energy-saving & energy consumption level.

AI Suite Get your System Information

AI Charger

With the AI charger, you will be capable to charge your PC 3 times quicker through the USB port.

EZ Updates

You can get updates about the motherboard drivers as well as the software automatically. There is no need to install any extra driver updater in the windows.

RequirementsOperating System :



FAQ’s about AI Suite

Is AI Suite 3 any good?

The AI Suite is an amazing application to have a simple overclock. You may not get the highest overclock but you must get the fastest and most stable overclock. So you can use this program without any doubt.

Does AI suite 3 need to be running?

Though it is not required yet. If you wanna use it then you’ll be offered some features. In the BIOS, it is capable to do some necessary things just like fan control, overclocking, and updating BIOS. 

How do I stop AI Suite 3?

If you wanna stop the program, you should go to the system tray. Then you have to find the AI Suite icon and right press on this. When all of the necessary things will be done correctly then you will not be shown the widget on your PC and it will never come back if you do not recheck it.

How do I update AI suite 3?

Firstly you need to close any running apps and then you have to save work files before the process. In the next step, you must launch AsusSetup.exe for updating the application to the newest version. If the authority gives you permission then press ‘Yes’ to be continued. Then you have to press ‘Install’ to start the update process.

How do I set up AI Suite 3?

At first, you need to download u0026amp; install the app on your device. You have to go to the support center. Then you need to put in the product name of your motherboard. Choose the corresponding motherboard listing, pick drivers and tools, select the operating system, hit the utilities, select AI Suite 3.

What happens if I uninstall   AI Suite 3?

If your PC,s motherboard is from ASUS then you can easily uninstall AI Suite 3, otherwise, you can not uninstall this tool. In this case, you need to reinstall your Operating System.

Our Uses

While using this software, I find it very useful for my PC. I love to play games on the computer. This software kept my PC temperature cool & made sure to keep my PC stable. This software has a number of features by which you may get benefits. It is licensed & totally safe, so you can have this program on your PC without having any hassle about this program. I can surely say that this software will give the best gameplay experience ever. And I didn’t find anything to complain about this app.

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