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Whether you’re a student or an office-goer, the need for creating tons of documents is a must. And what can offer more value than Microsoft in this regard? Microsoft Word has been one of the most successful tools to reshape how we create, edit and share documents.

That’s why you can always count on Word to make your words become a powerful tool.

Best Text Editing App

There can be thousands of reasons why Word is probably the best editing program for anyone. From its easy-to-understand interface to quick editing features, everything makes the experience more enjoyable to type, edit, and save crucial documents.

Welcome to Microsoft Word

Other than being an excellent editor, it can also be a platform to be creative. Because you can add almost anything to your text with some quick clicks. So, there isn’t an end to what Word can provide.

MS Word Supported Formats

While the Office suite supports all the possible formats you can ask for, Word does not support all of those as it’s only for texts and documents. The program supports doc, Docx, dot, dot, and some others.


Want to get a sneak peek into all the amazing features of Microsoft Word? Here’s a look-

Text Editing

Open, find and edit. You don’t even need to think too much about your documents because the editing process couldn’t be any easier. Just open your document and start editing with a click.

AutoSumarize & Collaboration

You can choose to go for all the nifty collaboration features of this application. You can share and edit a document with perfect summarizations.

Auto-saving and Synchronization

This is a great feature for those who forget to save their files in a hurry! You just need to turn on the autosave feature and the program will save & update your file as you go.

Import and Export

You can import any doc files from your other programs or online and start editing with Word. Also, you can export your text file to any other app without losing anything.

Insert anything you want

H3 Spell-checker and Translator

Tired of proofreading your own documents a thousand times? Well, with Word, you won’t have to anymore because the built-in spell-checker can do that within seconds. On top of that, Microsoft’s intuitive AI can translate your files into many languages as well.

Visual Updates

Do you know you can update your documents visually with WordArt, pictures, and tons of different charts? Make your assignments or office papers more visually appealing with tons of cool statistical and graphical arts.


Even with the visual updates and features, there are many more add-ons and plugins to enjoy with Word. For example, you can use the Grammarly add-on to make your sentence-making ability more refined.

How to Use Microsoft Word?

You don’t need any special training or practice to use Microsoft Word because it’s a fairly simple tool to access, edit and convert your documents file. To use Word, you just need to open the program and play around with the tools and you’ll get the hang of it.

However, don’t dig deep into the software at first. Try to see the tabs & features, and then go into the detailed experience.

Converting Your Documents

You can easily switch between multiple documents format easily when your use this program. After you go into saving the file, you can choose from the drop-down menu to select your preferred format and save it with that extension.

Correct your spelling and select languages

Subscriptions of Office 365

The thing about Microsoft office tools is that they have an integrated ecosystem. To avail of that feature of integration, you need an Office 365 subscription. Without that, you won’t be able to use the programs. Now office mainly offers three subscription models-

Free Alternatives to Microsoft Word

As you know, the Office apps from Microsoft require a monthly or yearly payment to enjoy all features. So, many users may want to explore other similar apps or word-processing services. Here are some good alternatives to look at-



FAQ’s on Microsoft Word

Is it Free?

Yes, the word documentation software from Windows is free to use for everyone without the need for any payment. However, having a 365 subscription can provide more benefits.

How do I download Microsoft Word to my computer?

Usually, every major Windows OS comes with Microsoft Word installed. But if you want to use the very latest version then you can get it from here.

Is Microsoft Word Online Free?

Yes, the online version is also free like the offline version. You don’t have to get any other subscription to use all the features on the online app.

Can I just buy word for my PC?

Well, there’s no need to buy the app when you can get it for free! You can get the full version from here so you don’t have to worry about buying it.


For any of your documentation or assignment, there’s nothing better than Microsoft Word. You can get tons of integrated apps and add-ons that enhance your writing skills a lot.

So, you can get the program without any more thinking.


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