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SP Flash Tool (or Smart Phone Flash Tool)is a versatile software that uses flash ROM customizability for Android devices with MediaTek chipsets. It also offers custom recovery and major fixes for those MediaTek phones or tablets.

MediaTek chipsets are easy to customize, and with SP Flash Tool, it’s easier than ever to update the android version or firmware, perform complete flash, unbrick bricked Android devices. It also provides fast boot commands and similar customization tweaks.

Rooting an android device is not a piece of cake, but this tool makes it look as simple as resetting your device. So, there is no need for gimmicks and flashy applications whatsoever.

SP Flash Tool user-friendly interface

Custom Recovery

The software features the TWRP recovery option for any MTK chipset gadget. However, you will need the specific scatter recovery file. Access the recovery.img and sync it with your phone or tablet to start the recovery procedure.

Vanilla ROM Support

The strongest point of this software is that it allows the users to uplink a completely new customizable ROM on their MTK devices. Same case for this one for file support. You’ll need specific files according to your device. Once everything is ready, download it, and you’ll be on your way.

Disk Storage Check

SP Flash Tool Test your device for errors

The application supports testing and verifying of the disk memory like RAM, eMMC storage, SD card, etc. It identifies the condition and runs a full test on the disk. Load the flash files and connect to the MTK gadget. Run the test to check the condition. 

Framework Testing

The option to check the OTP parameter setting is a gamechanger. You can access them and customize the settings. Go to the parameter option after assessing the connection. Choose the read or write option to change the parameter according to the requirements.

Complete Format

SP Flash Tool Format your Device

Resetting an Android gadget can many times resolve many recurring problems such as battery issues, bugs, app crashes, etc. This software allows the user to do a hard reset on their devices. Check for your required files and select the auto-flash option from the format menu.


Requirements for SP Flash Tool

FAQ’s on SP Flash Tool

What is SP Flash Tool?

It is a flashing tool for android devices that run on Mediatek chipset. It helps you to format your device, download custom ROM in your device, and also allows you to check your mobile devices for errors.

Is it possible to flash my phone with SP Flash Tool?

Yes, you can flash your phone. First, connect your SmartPhone to your PC. Then run the SP Flash Tool and then from the toolbar move to the format section. Follow the instructions to format your Movile device.

How do I download and install the SP Flash tool?

You can download the tool from this website. Click on the download button above. Then extract the downloaded ZIP and run the flash_tool.exe file.


If you are into android customization and use an MTK device, this is the perfect application for you, without any doubt. So, don’t hesitate and unlock your phone’s full potential.

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