About Us

NearFile is a team that is trying to make life easier in the online world. The main purpose of this team is to help people by sharing their favorite and useful software, games, applications, etc.

We provide direct download links, so you don’t need to wait for downloading your desired software. Search for your desired software and download it. It’s totally free no registration is needed. As our download section is totally free so we show some relevant ads which are provided by Google on our website. These ads help us to keep our website up to date and live.

You can also request us to upload any software which you want to see on our website on this page. Our team will check for your request and upload it to our website and also you will be notified by email. Not only this but also if you are a software developer then you can submit your software on the website for a small fee.

After the download section, we have a blog section on our website. In this section, we publish about latest tech news and solution to software issues. Also, we accept paid guest posts on our blog section which allow us to collect helpful resources from different writers all over the world.

We always try our level best to stay responsive to our both customers and visitors. If one of the customers or visitors gives any feedback we always try to provide them with the proper response quickly whether it is bad or good feedback. If we receive any good feedback, it encourages us to work more and more harder and if we get any bad feedback we look into the feedback and try to solve the issue as soon as we can. In one word bad feedback is also valuable to us as it helps us to improve our website.