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You should accept our terms and condition before using our website. NearFile.Com (“We”) can change this condition anytime.

NearFile.Com is sharing all free software for you, but these are not created by us. We try our level best for checking virus in every software but we can guarantee or warrant you that all files are not free from viruses. If any software harm your computer then NearFile.Com is not responsible for this.

NearFile.Com provides free software to decrease the waste of time in software searching. But some software has not given the permission to download directly from our website. So they will redirect to the official website. That means NearFile will not responsible for these kinds of issues.

By getting agree in our terms and condition, you are taking all responsible for any harm of your computer for downloading software from our website.

Guest Post: You can submit any kind of guest post for our website’s official blog (https://nearblogs.com). But you can’t post any kind of nudity, pornography, religious and a post which goes against any government of any country.

Your content must be unique or not fully copied from another website. If you want to upload a post which will also available in your blog or website then you need to upload that in our website first then you can upload it to your website. You also can’t post any copyrighted content which is against the copyright law. Click here to read full guest posting terms and condition.

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