Instacruze: 11 Rules to Leverage Instagram in a Right Way

With over one billion monthly active users, the Instagram application rocks the world in versatile ways. From common individuals to millionaire brands, they invest their time and effort in this visual platform to accomplish their diverse goals. 

The user-friendly interface, engaging younger demographics, and built-in interactive features are the primary reasons for its increasing popularity. A notable fact is that many marketers buy automatic instagram impressions to take their content in front of wider audiences instantly. 

Whoever you are and whatever the goal may be, you should make use of social media in the right way to reap its benefits to the fullest. Even if you miss out on minor aspects, you may need to miss almost everything. So, it is recommended to learn both the written and unwritten rules of Instagram to make a meaningful presence. You’re not alone! This article will break down a set of rules to utilize Instagram in a perfect way. So, let’s get started without further ado! 

1. Focus on Quality Over Quantity 

Some Instagram users share posts for the sake of filling their profile. It’s absolutely a wrong idea. Poor-quality posts create a bad impression and diminish your growth. Unlike those users, you better wait for some time until you get a valuable concept and share content in the best quality. It is good practice to jump into current trends and share content before it gets outdated. 

2. Share Only Post-Worthy Content 

In general, an Instagram user can share any number of posts in their profile. Since you have captured many photos or images with your favorite person or pet, it is not a good idea to share everything on your profile. Instead, shortlist your posts and do share them on your profile wisely. Further, you can try Instacruze to boost engagement for your content and crack the Instagram algorithm in a legitimate way. 

3. Decide Your Account Privacy 

If you really want to succeed on Instagram, it is essential to make your account public. Using a private account is safe and secure, but it is less possible to reach a broader audience as your content will be shown only to your followers. Whereas a public account paves the way for garnering more engagement and followers as your content will be delivered to global audiences. 

4. Avoid Over-Edited Visuals 

Yes, there are many visual assets available on Instagram. But it doesn’t mean that you need to use it all at a time and spoil your originality. Whatever the content may be, keep it simple yet captivating for your audience. You can enrich your content with your creativity but not by over-editing. 

5. Don’t Spam Your Followers 

As you have a load of pictures or videos, you should not post them continuously. The reason behind those content might spam your followers, and there are chances to lose them. So, it is advisable to share posts at different intervals without interrupting your followers’ time on Instagram. 

6. Never Share Negative Content 

Being an Instagram user, you might have a certain number of followers on your profile. When you share any negative thoughts, even at hard times, it may affect your loyal fans. So, kindly ignore sharing such content and keep yourself distracted to overcome the situation. Try to spread positive vibes and keep inspiring people. 

7. Share Posts at Optimal Time

There is no any particular time limit to share posts on Instagram. So, many users upload content at different times as per their convenience. However, if you look forward to reaching more audiences and attaining a specific goal, then post at peak time. For instance, neglect Friday and Saturday nights as people might be busy during these times and may not scroll through your posts. Instead, take advantage of analytics tools to analyze audience behavior and determine your peak time. 

8. Be Social With Other Users 

Don’t behave like a bot that shares only content to a profile automatically. Come out of your comfort zone and spend some time being social with others. Respond to your DMs, reply to the comments and live stream videos often to strengthen your relationship with followers. 

On the other hand, search for creators, influencers, and brands related to your niche and try to communicate with them. This is because you may get the support of these users to grow your profile. 

9. Ensure Content Correctness 

Content creators, influencers, and especially brands must check the correctness of content before posting. Then, in case of any mistakes, make sure to edit them before it reaches more people. For example, a simple grammar mistake or incorrect information may misguide your audience. So, please be conscious while creating, editing, and sharing content on your Instagram profile. 

10. Share Other Creator’s Content With Credit

While scrolling through your feed, you might be inspired by specific posts and feel the urge to share them on your profile. Hold on! First, reach out to the original creator of the content and seek their permission for resharing. If you are unaware of the creator, kindly reshare the posts with proper credits, like tagging their profile name in your posts. 

11. Don’t Over Do to Gain Followers

Most content creators on Instagram think gaining followers is the only way to succeed. That’s not right! Increasing followers is essential, but still, other aspects matter more.

If you really want to be successful, put effort into sharing interactive content and stay connected with your existing followers. This way, your profile will elevate and let you accomplish your goals efficiently. Besides, avail the support of Instacruze to garner more followers and strengthen your profile quickly. 

Final Thoughts 

And here, you have a set of basic rules that you need to follow to optimize your efforts on Instagram. Remember that Instagram is ever-evolving, and so are its rules and regulations. Hence it is recommended to stay up-to-date with application updates and align your efforts with them. And one constant tip is always to think from the audience’s perspective and set your goals accordingly. 

Good luck with perfecting your Instagram profile in a positive way and reaching more heights!


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