Math in Computer Programming: Why Is It Used and What Types?

We guess all modern people know at least some bits of information about computer programming. This is some kind of magic that helps to run all those sites, apps, tools, software, games, and desktops smoothly. It’s really hard to understand how everything works and runs together. When you have no knowledge of this industry, you simply see various symbols, numbers, tags, and so on. They mean nothing to you. In the meanwhile, a skilled programmer sees perfect lines and reads them as if these were words in a book. Not all people know that math is actively used in computer science.

Some students require programming experts because they cannot get how to code. At times, they find out that if they knew what math types are used in coding, they would solve a lot of issues on their own. The experts from can tell you a lot about this matter. They have prepared this guest post to educate you about math in computer programming. Read on to find out interesting facts.

Binary and Hexadecimal Counting

You will need knowledge of the binary number system. It uses only 0 and 1. These digits express all mathematical concepts. It is actually as a genius and simple as it could be! Just 2 digits help to fulfill and control a lot of functions. Computers use the binary system, but it may cause some inconveniences for humans.

If you feel the binary system doesn’t suit you properly, think about another system, which is known as hexadecimal. This one utilizes nine decimal digits and the letters A through F. As a result, your comprehension improves.

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete math is tangible math. What does it mean? It makes an analysis of the way distinct and separate things are related to one another. Here are the main concepts included in discrete math:

  • Probability
  • Combinatorics
  • Logic
  • Number theory
  • Graph theory

It also deals with problem-solving processes. They are the basis of modern computer engineering. Here are the main points used by these processes:

  • Computer architecture
  • Functional programming
  • Distributed systems
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

This math kind is helpful for coders because it helps them to test out multiple algorithms and find out which ones the more efficient than others. This kind of helps to develop logical thinking, which is decisive when it comes to writing codes and fulfilling various tasks in any programming language, even if it is the simplest one.


Another type of math we need to mention is statistics. We guess it’s quite logical that statistics is applied in coding. It is used in coding because of the same reason as in other spheres. It helps to make accurate generalizations and predictions. They are surely based on concrete data, and thus scientists and engineers can draw clear conclusions about various cases. Here are the concepts solved with the help of statistics:

  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Future modeling
  • Speech recognition
  • User responsiveness
  • Computer graphics analysis

Thanks to the right use of statistics, you’ll become more efficient at managing and using complex data structures. This is a huge benefit because it allows writing more advanced algorithms. Besides, it helps to improve the software.

Linear Algebra

As you surely know, computer science, as well as software engineering, are based on algorithms. Every algorithm is a specific formula that leads you from a specific input to the right output. It is very similar to what linear algebra teaches us. Therefore, you should master it properly to be a good coder. Here are the main points used by linear algebra:

  • Exponents
  • Polynomials
  • Linear equations
  • Quadratic equations

All these concepts have real-world computer science applications. When you use them and understand them, you can easily adapt to visuals, and they make them appealing to the eye. When you solve linear equations, you comprehend the analysis of algorithms as it makes it possible to detect various kinds of inaccuracies. We need to note that you may develop software without knowing algebra properly. Nonetheless, a good command of this discipline will simplify a lot of things you will do in the code.


The last but not least important type of math is calculus. It’s a special study of rates of change. Before it was invented, math was static. In other words, it could calculate the objects that were still but not the ones on the move and in change. Therefore, you will need a calculus course because it helps you to code correctly and more effectively.

You will deal with 2 types of calculus: integral calculus and differential calculus. You’re supposed to master them all because their combination helps to understand the rate of change, which is widely used to understand various algorithms and programs. For example, you will need to know differential equations. They help to calculate the way something changes and the way how quickly the change comes. Thus, a computer is able to predict future outcomes. This knowledge helps with:

  • Designing simulations
  • Improving problem-solving programs
  • Creating effective algorithms
  • Developing accurate graphs

What If Math Isn’t Exactly Mine Subject?

We will not surprise a lot of people if we claim that most of us don’t understand math at all. We have some basic skills, and they are enough to make the simplest calculation. Computer science surely requires advanced skills, and we have highlighted the required types right above. What if you need to improve your math? Well, there are several smart solutions for you. These are as follows:

  • Educational materials.
  • Special courses.
  • Custom math aid.

Combine these methods to improve your math skills and knowledge to become a great coder.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are types of math that are regularly used in computer coding. Each has its own peculiarities and is able to help a coder. You need to be good with math because this knowledge makes you faster, smarter, more productive, and more effective. If you have problems with math, look for various methods to improve your skills and experience.


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