The Best Video Game Blogs in the Gaming World


Have you ever visited a video game blog? What are your favorite video games? Do you consider yourself a video game expert? Would you like to learn more about the world of gaming? 

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then this blog article is for you. From the list of information below, it’s up to you to see if your gamer spirit is aware of gaming blogs. Next, we’ll introduce you to the top 10 video game blogs. You’ll also learn what video games can be found on each site and what their main features are. 

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As the name implies, this video game blog is for all Nintendo fans. Nintenderos not only allows you to learn about the most traditional and well-known video games but also constantly reports on new developments and surprises.  

Some of the categories you can find are game reviews, articles, previews, polls, news, and rumors. In these sections, you can learn about new products from video game companies such as Wii, Wii U, Nintendo DS, Game Cube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and NES. 

The best thing about this video game blog is that not only can you find all of the above, but you can also become part of the Nintenderos platform and connect with other video game enthusiasts. 

Enjoy high quality games
Enjoy high-quality games

2. Engadget

The second video game blog is Engadget. This blog contains video game news more diversely. What’s special about this page? Besides telling you about the latest news about your favorite video games, its updates are some of the fastest of all the blogs. Its speed and quality of presentation are the main factors why the site is visited by so many users. 

This gaming blog features Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, arcade games, Nintendo Switch, Call of Duty, and more. You can also check out articles or new surprises in the gaming world. 

3. The Guardian Games Blog 

The Guardian Games video game blog is an offshoot of a much larger news brand called The Guardian, a British daily newspaper. 

The Games blog takes unique approaches to everyday gaming issues and questions, such as how non-gamers determine the “best” game for awards like GameCity. As a major news brand, The Guardian can get more exclusive interviews and information before others, which makes them highly respected and sought after, especially for readers who want to be the first to know what’s happening in the industry.

In that sense, The Guardian’s gaming blog has the potential to be more interesting to people who like the scoop. In addition, you can find plenty of gaming articles related to social issues. 

4. MeriStation

MeriStation is one of the most diverse and comprehensive gaming blogs in the gaming world. It is presented as a digital magazine that publishes written and video analyses, articles, monographs, and guides on the most complex games to help you become an expert. 

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It is also considered one of the most professional gaming blogs today. It differs in that it presents evaluations of new games as they are released, as well as allows you to analyze and evaluate your own evaluations. 

5. DeCulture

The fifth video game blog came a bit later than some of the previous ones. It was created in 2011 and has become one of the most recommended sites for fans of indie games and anime, as it contains many articles and reviews of this kind. 

It’s worth noting that it’s not just a video game site, but also other categories such as animation, movies, and comics. You’ll also have a lot of fun with the editors’ creative approach to writing notes and category design. 

6. PixFans

PixFans features a classic, friendly and simple design. You can play it with your family and/or friends. Like Deculture, this blog is not only about video games, but also about TV series, movies, comics, and animation. 

Because this platform is easy to use, it can be suitable for a wider age range, but adult supervision is always recommended if they are very young. Another important point is that it is full of reviews and opinions from video game blog editors. 

Playing games on PC
Playing games on PC

7. Born to Play

Born to play is a video game blog that is divided by the consoles you are most interested in, so it is much more organized for its users. It also has a large number of video game reviews for newcomers, experts, and game enthusiasts. 

The reviews that are currently on the cover of the page are about Nintendo and their illegal copies, Call of duty Vanguard, games for the N64 that we want to translate online, interviews, and more. 


Well, here we are at the end of this article, did you know any of these blogs about video games? Which ones interested you the most? Have you looked for any of them yet? We hope you’ve been able to immerse yourself much more in the world of video games. 

Many people think that video games are only for gamers, but that’s not true because their audience also includes non-specialists, scientists, artists, etc. So if you want to try one, the video game blog can help you find the perfect one for you.


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