Top 5 Free Summarizing Tools for Writers and Bloggers


An excellent quality article or blog post is based on lengthy paragraphs. But the key to effectively written content lies in the conciseness of information featured in various blog areas. Although writing may seem easy, many writers find it challenging when they have to present a 100 words version of a 1000 words article. So how can writers create a practical summary?

With the help of free online summarizing tools, writers and bloggers can write precise summaries, definitions, conclusions, and featured snippet answers. These tools are programmed to extract and cover an article’s main points to present its short, readable version.

But there are so many online options that you may need hours to demonstrate and find the right tool for your use. Therefore, we have tested and compiled the top 5 free summarizing tools for writers and bloggers.

Why Should you Write a Summary in Blog Writing?

A summary is an essential part of every article or blog. At the end of every informational article, marketing content, or product review, you must present a detailed version of the whole piece so the reader can get a recap of the elements discussed in the blog post.

Moreover, summary writing is also helpful in concise writing, such as precis writing. You have to present a noticeably short yet informational version so the reader can get an idea of what will be further discussed in the blog.

But you need to keep in mind that sometimes text summarizer tools make grammar mistakes. So, you must use a grammar checker to check for these kinds of issues.

Best 5 Free Summarizing Tools

Here we have featured the top 5 summarizing tools recommended and tested by professional writers. Each tool has specific features and advantages, which are mentioned below.

1. Summarizing Tool

Top 5 Free Summarizing Tools for Writers and Bloggers Download for your PC

This online text summarizer does a neat job of writing conclusions, summaries, and introductions for your blog posts. The Summarizing Tool is a free online text summarizing solution that provides a range of options to give you an accurate yet concise version of your blog post.

The interface of the tool is relatively easy to use. It offers a slider option to adjust the summarized text’s length. Moreover, you can select the language from the menu option. Just paste the content or upload the document file containing the text of your blog post. Click the ‘Summarize Now’ button to get the desired output according to your selected options.

2. Summarizing Biz

Top 5 Free Summarizing Tools for Writers and Bloggers Download for your PC

The Summarizing Biz online text summarizer follows a different approach than your traditional summarizing tool. This platform allows you to write concise summaries, conclusions, and introductory descriptions by extracting the prominent information from the text and its title.

The tool is relatively easy to use for first-time users. As soon as you type in the title and text in the input boxes, the option to summarize the text in a specific range of words will appear below. Select any option to summarize text under a specific length and press the ‘Summarize’ button. Within seconds the tool will present you with a concise version of your article.

3. Summarizing Tool by Prepostseo

Top 5 Free Summarizing Tools for Writers and Bloggers Download for your PC

This online tool is one of the most versatile summarizers you can find as a web-based service. The summarizing tool by Prepostseo has a range of options to give you the perfect summary for your blog post. The best thing about this tool is that it supports various document file formats, so you can upload the blog post and download the summarized text with just a single click.

Once you input the article text you want to summarize, enter the number of words for your summary. Or you can choose to summarize by percentage to shorten the full-length blog post. The tool also provides format options to present the summary in sentences or bullet points.

Plus, it supports a range of languages, so you won’t have to stay within the regional boundaries to avail yourself of the services of this tool.

4. Summarizer by AISEO

Top 5 Free Summarizing Tools for Writers and Bloggers Download for your PC

This free summarizing tool powered by AI is the ultimate solution for your article’s essential sections. With the summarizer by AISEO, you can create unique and optimized summaries. This online tool even includes a feature to input keywords so they can be appropriately adjusted within the summary.

The tool follows a step-by-step approach to creating a summary. Paste the text in the input field and provide the relevant keywords in the tool. The tool also includes a search feature and suggested keywords for your summary.

Furthermore, you can select the summary variant type to choose the suitable style. Once you have provided the tool with all the necessary information, click the ‘generate’ button, giving you a concise and unique version of your complete article.


Top 5 Free Summarizing Tools for Writers and Bloggers Download for your PC

The SMMRY is a lite online tool that works for free to present a summarized version of your comprehensive articles. Students productively use this online tool. But it helps create summaries and conclusions of blog posts and informational articles.

The tool has two different options to input text. You can select to upload a file or paste the URL where the tool will fetch the content you want to summarize. Once you have entered the content, enter the number of sentences in the box field to mention how many sentences you want in your summary. Click the ‘Summarize’ button, and the tool will provide you with a unique summary.


Text summarizing technique is an essential writing skill as summary and conclusions are part of every effective blog post. Most of the time, content writers find it quite challenging to write a summary as it is challenging to cover all the critical points in a limited number of words.

Therefore, we featured the best summarizing tools for writers and bloggers, which can enhance their writing style by assisting in summary writing. These tools bring accurate results and outputs that are perfectly written without redundancy. We hope this article helped find convenient options for summarizing blog post content.


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