Why is My Battery Going Down While Charging?


Smartphones have gotten bigger and bigger and so did their batteries. While you won’t get to enjoy a week’s worth of battery life with smartphones, some are better than others.

However, there are enough examples of people noticing their battery going down even when they plug their phone to charge. Why does the battery go down while charging?

There can be numerous reasons for this particular problem, starting from faulty sub-board to broken cables. So, it is hard to identify a single source without inspecting the issue further.

So, let’s learn about some of the most common reasons for batteries going down and how to solve them!

5 Reasons Why Battery Goes Down While Charging

In most cases, smartphone users face battery-related issues mostly due to faulty sub-board, damaged charging ports, overheating, software malfunction, and broken cables. Let’s check why these problems occur.

1. Issues with the Sub-board

First of all, a faulty sub-board is the most damaging thing that can happen to your smartphone. The sub-board contains all of the necessary parts of your internal circuits such as the speaker, mouthpiece, SOC, and so on.

Because of internal wiring malfunction or dust getting into the board, the components can get damaged. As a consequence, your board won’t be able to properly register the charge and the battery might decrease even when you are charging your phone.


To solve the issue, you need to inspect the full sub-board properly. You can either do it yourself if you have the right tools or you can go to the nearest authorized repair shop to resolve the issue. It’s best to consult a specialist because electrical components are very fragile.

2. Damaged Charging Port

Compared to the sub-board problem, you can face the same issue if only the charging port gets damaged. Sometimes, water or dirt can get into the charging port and as a result, your device will not be able to transfer the current through the USB port.

So, you will notice your battery going down when the phone is still connected to the charger.


First, you should try drying the charging port with a microfiber cloth or air blower. If the problem was caused by water, then the port should be able to charge once the water drains out. However, if that’s not the case, then you will need to get a replacement for your charging port.

3. Overheating Challenges

Sometimes, due to extreme heat, your smartphone may not be able to receive the proper voltage. Thus, making your battery level go down more than usual, and even when it’s charging the battery decreases.


In such scenarios, you need to set aside the smartphone for a while to make it cool and achieve room temperature. If you game too much then leave the phone for a while and then plug it in to change the device.

However, if the overheating problem occurs due to an internal component, then you need further investigation.

4. Software Haywire

While this usually does not happen with the latest devices due to battery optimization, older phones may suffer from battery drainage because of the background applications. Some applications require background running permission to function properly.

And when you have tons of applications like that, your battery depletes faster than usual and you will notice the battery level going down while charging.


Keep a few background running apps on the system and force-stop some of the apps for a better battery-saving situation. Furthermore, you can try resetting your phone after backing up the necessary data to get a fresh system experience.

5. Cable Issues

More often than not, the significant reason for battery level going down while charging happens due to broken cables. We generally don’t notice enough whether the charging cable is in good condition or not. Hence, the culprit remains unnoticed, and you lose out on the proper charging of your mobile device.


The only way to solve this issue is to get a good-quality PD-supported charging cable. Power Delivery chargers usually transfer the optimal amount of watts of energy to your device depending on the device’s requirements.

6. Faulty Battery (Bonus)

Last but not least, your battery level may have to do something with the battery itself! Notice a bulge on the backside of your phone? If that’s the case, then you surely need a replacement battery ASAP! Otherwise, it can even explode!

So, don’t take any chances if you encounter such an issue.


To conclude, your battery going down while charging is a common problem, and it can be easily fixed if you find the exact problem.

When the problem is with the circuit board or battery, then you should definitely consult an expert to resolve the issue, otherwise, you might damage your phone further!

So, don’t worry too much and go through the article again your smartphone will be able to charge perfectly!


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