A Beginner’s Survival Guide to DayZ

A Beginner's Survival Guide to DayZ
A Beginner’s Survival Guide to DayZ

Have you tried your luck on DayZ and gotten thrown to the wolves, or zombies in this case, in the very first minute of the game? You are not alone, as thousands of game beginners go through what you have been through every day. DayZ, in the simplest terms, is one of the most challenging post-apocalyptic survival games out there. Only a few games even come close to the difficulty level and the steep learning curve this game seems to possess; it is an indisputable fact. So, it is no wonder that you are looking for the best DayZ cheats to ramp up your chances of survival.

Here are a few tips by experts in the game that can substantially bolster your chances of victory in this game.

1. Admit you are going to die

There is one thing you need to accept before starting DayZ – you are going to die in your first couple of rounds. And while it may seem a bleak way for one to start, the sooner you accept it, the better you will be able to perform. DayZ is a survival game, not an online Battle Royale where you have to defeat your opponents to win the battle. No, your opponent in a round of DayZ is death itself, and your surroundings only perpetuate in a faster end. Your disappointing start is not your wrongdoing; it is how the game is intended. Embrace this fact, and you enhance your chances of success.

2. Understand the difference between a persistent and non-persistent server

If you want to play this game for a long time and not just casually, you need to understand the difference between a persistent and non-persistent server. The changes you have made remain in a persistent server even if you log out and come back later. The same is not the case in non-persistent servers. In these servers, the changes you have made to your character and your environment will stay in the world as long as you do. If you are out of the game, you are out. So, if you want to play a real survival game, opt for a persistent server.

3. Gather food as fast as possible

As you might have already gathered by playing the game yourself, there are not many avenues for you to obtain food and water in this game. Naturally, getting food and water is vital to surviving in the game. The majority of the beginner players die in this game not by zombie attacks or being killed by other players but by getting low on their health. So, gathering food and water should be the topmost priority.

Start your search near the coast. If that is not fruitful, try inland houses. And even after that, if you are unsuccessful, it is better to restart the game as it is likely that someone has gotten their first, severely lowering your chances of survival.

4. Avoid the first building you find

While one should search every house they find, it would be better to avoid the first house you see when going inland. Likely, it has already been swept out by someone, especially if you had no luck on the beach. But secondly, you may be walking into an ambush. So, avoid the first building when you head inland.

5. Keep an eye on your stat and conserve energy.

It is wise for you to conserve your energy when you play this game, as you might need to run for your life or even fight in the near future. Being low on energy can make your movement sluggish, decreasing your chances of survival. So, avoid sprinting at all costs. Additionally, it is always better to keep one eye on your stats to be aware of how you are doing in the game. The stats in the game can tell your food, water, temperature, and health levels. It can also check whether you are suffering from a disease.

These are some essential survival tips that beginners can follow and exponentially increase their chances of survival in such a challenging game. Remember, if your character dies, it is not the end of the road as you can always restart!


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