Happy Wheels Alternatives and Similar Games


There’s no doubt that Happy Wheels have introduced some crazy standard for racing or biking games. Whether it’s the gruesome deaths or finding yourself in weird head-scratching levels, the game definitely has reshaped the genre. However, there are lots of Happy Wheels Alternatives games to enjoy as well which many forget to check.

That’s why we have come up with the 5 most adventurous alternatives to Happy Wheels Unblocked for you!

Top 5 Alternatives to Happy Wheels

So, do you want the more adrenaline-pumping adventure from your racing games? Here are five similar yet equally complicated games you can play-

Guts & Glory

This game is quite similar to Happy Wheels in terms of craziness. It even goes past that with its good graphics and very practical implementations of physics.

Guts and Glory Happy Wheels Alternative
Guts and Glory Happy Wheels Alternatives

You are a lone wolf who has just one goal! To win the race while everyone tries to kill you. Go through mind-bending obstacles and tons of crazy levels. Be tenacious and seize the glory!


  • 70+ tracks and 500+ levels
  • Crazy graphical effects
  • 40+ special items


  • Paid version only


If you just want a softcore game that does not give up regular jump-scares, then this might be the one. Xmoto is a typical 2D game with simple game mechanics. There are strawberries for boost, spikes, or wreckers to prevent you and a nice white flower at the end of the level.

XMoto Happy Wheels Alternative
XMoto Happy Wheels Alternatives


  • Simple game controls
  • Various game levels


  • A bit outdated

Bike Mania 2

This game will totally feel like you’re playing another version of Happy Wheels with some nifty features. Because it also runs on the Javascript architecture with the main focus on bike racing. So, you get the same feel but with different levels and game physics.

Bike Mania 2 Happy Wheels Alternative
Bike Mania 2 Happy Wheels Alternatives


  • Free to play
  • Incredible bike racing trails
  • Online awesomeness


  • Available online only


Now this game is a bit different from the rest of those you’ll find on the list. As this game is based on the chilly air of a snow-filled atmosphere, the vibe is totally different. You get to enjoy tons of cool stuff such as spiky ice obstacles and cool jumping abilities.

Icycle Happy Wheels Alternative
Icycle Happy Wheels Alternatives


  • Cool soundtrack
  • Adventurous animation of the snow
  • Crashes and points leaderboard


  • No offline version

Solid Rider

Do you want the taste of the nostalgic feel of motocross racing of TG motocross? Then, there are very few options other than Solid Rider for you. You’ll get a close resemblance to the famous cross racing genre with tons of unique new features.

Solid Rider Happy Wheels Alternative
Solid Rider Happy Wheels Alternatives

You have to go past various levels to launch yourself as the best solid rider. On top of that, you have to prove yourself worthy of the levels you pass.


  • Various ranking systems
  • Great motocross racing
  • Free to play


  • Only the online version is available


Is there a sequel to Happy Wheels?

Yes, there’s a sequel, titled Happy Wheels 2 in production currently. Unlike the previous java-scripted program, this new version will require downloading to play.

Is Happy Wheels still playable in 2021?

Yes, you can still play Happy Wheels on your device. As the new and improved version uses Javascript, you’ll now be able to play from anywhere, without needing to download.

Did Happy Wheels get shut down?

No, the game was temporarily stopped to create it in Java. Because of Javascript development, the flash version was halted and terminated. You can now access the game from your Windows device.

Is Happy Wheels kid-friendly?

No, Happy Wheels is not kids-friendly and the user needs to be at least 17 or above to play the game. It features crude deaths, gruesome images, and graphical humor which is not appropriate for kids.


You can try out all the games on the list without any hesitation! We truly believe they can serve as good alternatives to Happy Wheels and you’re gonna love them! So, feel free to enjoy the deaths and wins in all their glory.


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