How to Turn Off VPN on a Mac

If you are running a VPN on your Mac and don’t know how to turn it off, you are at the right place. 

Read this if you are struggling to turn off VPN on a Mac quickly.

First, let’s look at what a VPN is and how does it work?

What is a VPN Connection?

You must have heard the acronym VPN several times but might not know what it is. 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. After connecting through a VPN, it encrypts your internet data and hides your identity on the Internet. 

It tempers or hides your IP address from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and they cannot have access to your online data like what you are searching for? What websites are you using?

VPN hides your online activities if you are using the Internet through an ISP that is a public network. Sometimes, you need a VPN connection to connect to the internet data that is restricted regionally. 

For example, Japanese Netflix is geographically restricted and cannot be used in the USA or other parts of the world. But you can make it possible with the help of a VPN. It has the potential to connect you to servers in other countries and can change your location. 

You can use a VPN connection if you need data security to transfer files. People who work remotely with the companies that work on sensitive data can hide and secure data transfer or online files sending and receiving with the help of a VPN connection. 

Different types of VPNs start and function differently, but most work in these three steps. 

  1. Once you turn on your VPN connection, it makes a connection with you through this VPN. The only connection is between you and the VPN connection, whereas other third-party connections are disconnected.
  1. Now VPN attempts to change your IP address different from the one you already have. It does so with the help of its local network connection.
  1. It connects you to another server from a different region by changing your IP address. Your Internet works according to the region it connects you with. 

How to Turn Off VPN on Mac

Macs are different from Microsoft Windows, Samsung books, or Chromebooks. Their key functions are different. For a Windows user, it isn’t easy to use a Mac.

If you are running a VPN connection on your Mac and now you want to turn it off, you can do it in three quick ways:

  1. You can turn off the connection by opening the VPN app and turn off the connection by pressing the button ”disconnect.”
  1. You can do it through configuration windows if you use the VPN connection through the windows operating system and not an app.

For it, select the Apple icon on the left of your desktop screen on the top. Now, select system preferences from the menu it opens. From the left menu, select VPN, and disconnect it.

  1. The easiest method to turn VPN off instantly on Mac is to go to the menu bar. Click on the ”show VPN” and then disconnect from there. 

You can use these methods to turn off a VPN on a mac. The third is the easiest and simplest, but if you do not find this option in the menu bar, you can turn it off by following any of the above two methods. 


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