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NordVPN free download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

The NordVPN is an app by which users can be capable to hide their IP & location from others. It is a popular & mostly used program all over the world.

Hands-on with NordVPN for Windows

Users would be able to take control of their security & might be capable to secure their private information with NordVPN. It could be a service provider for Windows. It is capable to hide users’ IP, encrypting their network connection & they will surely enjoy the quick speed of this VPN.


NordVPN dispatches the network traffic with a server that runs by its system. This software works with OpenVPN & Internet Key Exchange technologies in the apps.

User’s Privacy with NordVPN

Users will get online privacy on any type of platform. If any user has just one account of NordVPN then he will be capable to secure more than 6 devices at a time.

NordVPN Servers & Server Locations

In the world, about 59 countries have the server of NordVPN. USA, Canada, UK, France are among the locations.

NordVPN Choose the zone and connect
NordVPN Choose the zone and connect

NordVPN Pricing

If the users want to have only one month plan with NordVPN then they need to pay 11.99 monthly. If they have a 1-year plan then they would be able to save 58% & yearly it will cost $58.88. For 2 years plan with NordVPN, users can save 70% & it costs $83.73.(VAT will be added).

Breach & beyond

According to NordVPN providers, the attack was not created by an account handled by NordVPN. NordVPN was not aware of this breach till 13th April 2019. NordVPN is still working as one of the greatest VPN and users love their services.

Speed & Performance

When it comes to speed NordVPN is counted as one of the quickest VPNs. Its performance is also very much preferable. With this, users could have the highest quality of video conferencing & they do not need to worry about security.

NordVPN Choose the zone and connect
NordVPN Choose the zone and connect

NordVPN on other platforms

In any kind of platform, it will protect the user’s IP & it will also encrypt the traffic. Most importantly, it will surely protect each device on the network.

An Excellent VPN

NordVPN is becoming popular day by day because of its incredibly fast speed. People recommend this as the best VPN. It is getting positive reviews from the specialists.

NordVPN Have your own settings
NordVPN Have your own settings


Threat Protection

With this option, this software will take responsibility for users’ cybersecurity. They do not have to connect with any server for this, just by allowing this program in the settings, users will have the protection.

Safe & private access to the network

Users will have safe & encrypted entry to the internet. Nobody can be able to know their location or actual IP address. The Browsing History & personal info will be remained hidden.

Protect All the Devices

Whether it is Windows, macOS, or Linux it will give protection in each platform. More than 6 devices can be secured with NordVPN.

Quick & Stable Connection

NordVPN’s unlimited bandwidth & fastest speed have made it the best VPN. Users can have the benefits of a fast speed anywhere.


  • Easy to work with.
  • Fastest internet connection.
  • It has an effective kill switch.
  • Protection of privacy.
  • Hide IP.
  • Users will have a great gaming experience.
  • Available on every platform.
  • Streaming will be easier.


  • Some Client UI issues.

Everything You Need to Know About NordVPN in One Place

It is the best VPN ever. Fastest speed, 100% security, protection of privacy & always available anywhere. It works with great technology & gives the users the best experience. It is being used by millions of people all over the world.

Most FAQ’s about NordVPN

How good is the NordVPN window client?

Well, the NordVPN window client is really great, all of them are usually very intuitive.

How Good is NordVPN Android App?

The android app of NordVPN is incredibly amazing because of its extremely great features such as tap jacking projection, split tunneling, etc.

Does NordVPN support browser extensions?

Yes, this software supports browser extensions as well.

How secure is NordVPN?

It is completely secure to work with NordVPN. For safety, they use 256-bit AES encryption. Users will get greatly protected servers, amazing firewalls.

Tell us the NordVPN login policy.

It is sure that they give us a guaranteed no-logs policy. It means when you work with this software any of your actions won’t be revealed to others.

Does NordVPN support torrents?

Yes, it has support for torrents, especially for uTorrent BitTorrent.

Is NordVPN secure?

Yes, it is extremely secure. It uses military-grade encryption secured tunneling protocol which makes sure that the software is secure for your info.

Can NordVPN unblock Netflix or other streaming sites?

Yes, this tool can unblock Netflix other streaming sites as well. It has a smart plan feature by which it deals with those streaming sites.

How easy is it to set up the NordVPN app?

It is totally easy to set up. Just install the VPN,input the credentials and then it will be set.

How much does NordVPN cost?

It costs me monthly $11.95, yearly $99. Recently they have given a discount for yearly, it is $59.

What VPN protocol does NordVPN offer?

NordVPN offers IKEv2/IPsec, OpenVPN protocols. These protocols are popular among people because they are secure and reliable.

How do I download NordVPN to my PC?

You can download it from our website. After downloading open the installation folder. Install it. Login and connect to a server.

Is NordVPN free for PC?

No, it is not free for PC. But users can use it for free because it gives 30 days of a free trial.

Is ExpressVPN or NordVPN better?

NordVPN is certainly better than ExpressVPN. NordVPN is quicker and safer, also its achievements are more than ExpressVPN.

How can I install NordVPN on Windows 10?

Download the application from our website. Then go to the download folder and double-tap the file. A pop-up window will show up and ask you if you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?Tap yes and it will be installed.

Why is NordVPN not installing on my PC?

Firstly, make sure that the windows system is updated. Disable the antivirus or security software and try to install the software again.

Our Uses

We will recommend you install this VPN on your device. It is incredibly amazing with its work. If you don’t want to reveal your personal info to others & want safety then there won’t be any better option than NordVPN. It will give you an extremely fast & stable connection. So install it without having any doubt.

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27, September 2020
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27, June 2023

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