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ZPN download for PC Windows (10/8/7/11)

ZPN is a VPN client which let you hide your IP address and access blocked sites. ZPN uses an encryption method to hide your information. Because of this feature, none can trace one’s personal information or track what he is surfing on the internet. When we use a public network, our information can be stolen easily but ZPN provides that very security utility to protect our personal information, password, and other valuable information from being tracked or hacked.

ZPN Login
ZPN Login Page

Component of ZPN

  • ZPN Connect Zpn connect and client service. The service is necessary if you want to make a connection without administrator rights.
  • Remove all tap devices
  • Tap-devices install the open VPN tap-devices this is needed to make the connection with the open VPN.

Highest Security

Using L2TP and OpenVPN protocol tools ensures advanced encryption which provides the maximum level of security one can get.

Encrypted Connection of ZPN

It Connect uses an encrypted connection that lets its user be anonymous while browsing sites. Because of this, no one can steal one’s personal information.

ZPN Connections

ZPN Virtual Firewall

The firewall provides data security and blocks all kinds of unapproved communication with users and third parties which bear risk. It uses a virtual firewall, which is why one doesn’t have to use any eternal firewall while using VPN.

Bypassing Censorship

There are many kinds of apps, games, or website which is blocked by certain region or county. To access those one has to bypass his connection. But it has that built bypassing censorship to unblock all kinds of websites or games.

Excellent Speed

It can provide a high speed internet connection because it sent encrypted data directly through its own servers. To make sure proper speed this makes use of the standard Google services in the DNS department.

ZPN Settings

Some Pros of ZPN

  • Free to download
  • Premium version available
  • Small in size
  • High-end securities
  • Easy to Use
  • Various Location supported
  • No traffic lagging

Some Cons of ZPN

  • The free version doesn’t provide unlimited data
  • Limited bandwidth in the free version
  • The free version doesn’t support P2P
  • Limited Location in free version
  • Single device supported in free version
  • Expensive

Some FAQs on ZPN

Is ZPN free to use?

Yes, but there is also a premium version too. One can use the free version but while using the free version one can’t use all the features that are available in the premium version like many locations, P2P, and unlimited bandwidth. To use all kind of feature one need to use the premium version.

Are you traceable while using ZPN?

No, It uses the encrypted function to hide your IP address which makes you untraceable by anyone even your ISP provider can’t monitor you.

Is ZPN legal?

Yes, not all country supports using VPN for its citizen. Because if one is untraceable from govt. monitoring then there are high possibilities he could perform crime or illegal activities. But there are some who support using VPN while in a public network to save your information from being stolen.

Can ZPN leak my information?

No, It can access your password or other information. If any malicious or malware is inserted into your application then information could be leaked.

Our Uses

ZPN is one best VPN clients which uses encrypted functions to hide IP addresses and make users anonymous. Because of this function, I can easily any kind of block apps, games, or websites.  While using it no one can trace my activities, not even my ISP provider. And it also has many useful features like high speed, maximum features, no traffic lagging, virtual firewall, bypassing, etc. Though it has many features I couldn’t use all of them, because the free version doesn’t provide all features. In the free version, I have limited bandwidth, limited location, limited data provide, limited devices, and even P2P is not allowed. More than that ZPN has not developed anymore which makes it temporarily unusable.

ZPN 2.0.3

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10.9 MB
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Vista / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 11
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18, January 2022
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05, June 2023

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