Know Everything about MSI App Player System Requirements & Compatibility!


With MSI App Player, you can usher into the era of the ultimate mobile gaming experience right on your PC. The build and interface of the application are solely catered towards delivering the perfect gaming output without holding anything back. 

And why wouldn’t you want to get the best performance while gaming right? However, to get top-notch compatibility out of your MSI App Player configuration, you should know the basic requirements first. Otherwise, your Windows PC might underdeliver or give you sub-optimal results. 

So, let’s get to know the minimum requirements to run the MSI App Player on your Windows PC!

Why Do You Need to Understand About System Requirements

System requirements or compatibility requirements are basic conditions that your PC needs to meet so that it can run the application. So, without meeting or having the recommended or even the minimum system requirements can heavily affect your gaming performance with MSI App Player.

Now, there are many specification conditions that your PC needs to adhere to, starting from hardware to software requirements. So, let’s dive into that one by one!

Hardware Specifications

In the hardware section, there are mainly three core components: CPU, GPU, and RAM. Let’s get to know these three in full detail. 

Processor: Without a good or even decent process, it’s not even possible to run the games as you want. Because all the computing power is delivered by the processor. So, you’ll need at least a basic processor to run MSI App Player on your PC.

Minimum Requirement: Intel or AMD Processor with Dual-core CPU.

Recommended Requirement: Intel or AMD Multi-Core Processor with more than 1000 single-thread performance scores.

RAM: When you think about RAM, the first thing that comes to mind is memory and that’s exactly what it is. RAM is the main memory that is used to run the application and store the ongoing process. So, without maintaining a certain level of RAM, you won’t be able to run the games smoothly as it won’t have enough memory to start the applications.

Minimum Requirement: 4 GB.

Recommended Requirement: 8 GB and more.

Graphics Card: While a graphics card or GPU is not necessary for every application, for any kind of gaming, it definitely adds more flair. You can already understand that without any decent visual card, you won’t be able to enjoy the immersive quality of action and intensity. 

Minimum Requirement: No discrete GPU is required for the minimum output

Recommended Requirement: External GPU from AMD or Nvidia with 750 and higher benchmark score.

That covers everything about the hardware side (storage details are covered separately later on). Now, let’s move on to see what software you need to run MSI App Player.

Software Prerequisites

Operating System compatibility: Although you might already have an OS installed, it’s important to know whether it matches with the requirements of MSI App Player. Compared to other applications, it’s crucial that you have a 64-bit Windows OS installed to get the best performance.

Minimum Requirement: Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) and above.

Recommended Requirement: Windows 10 (64-bit) and above.

DirectX and driver requirements: Apart from the OS, you still need some additional software such as DirectX, an updated GPU driver, Microsoft Visual C++, OpenGL, etc. These applications are equally important as your OS so be sure to install them beforehand.

Note: Your PC must have hardware virtualization enabled in the BIOS. Otherwise, you will not be able to play any games on MSI App Player.

Storage Space Choices

When it comes to storage decisions for your PC, it’s always best to go for SSD (solid state drive) compared to HDD (hard disk drive). Yes, SSDs are a bit expensive but they are more durable, efficient, and faster. If you use SSD to install and run the MSI App Player, you can get more than a 20-30% performance boost while opening the games.

Minimum Requirement: At least 5 GB of free storage on your device.

Recommended Requirement: 5 GB of free storage.

Internet Connection Recommendations

In terms of playing online multiplayer games, faster internet speed means better ping, response time, and no packet loss. However, you can’t really control your internet connection all the time as it can go haywire without any indications. So, it’s always better to game on a LAN connection compared to a Wi-Fi network. 

LAN connection is more stable and delivers the highest output from your internet connection.

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Bottom Line

So, that’s all for the requirements and configuration that you’ll need to support MSI App Player on your Windows system the best way. However, keep in mind that the better your hardware, the better performance you’ll get from your games.


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